Red head spotted!

March 28, 2012

Ouch!On Saturday morning we were moving basketball hoop and the thing ended up rolling on top of my heel.  Because I was standing on my toes, it pushed my foot down and then bounced back off of it.  The thing easily weighs 200 pounds with the cinder blocks and I thought every bone in my foot had instantly shattered.  It felt like it too.  I mean I knew nothing was broken but the top of my foot bruised within minutes on the top of my foot.  It was like a deep hurt, not jut a bruise.  Sister Clark made me go to the doctor and they put me on crutches.  They said I strained a tendon on the outside of my left foot.  Hurts like a bugger but it’s getting better fast.  I can actually put weight on it now.  Luckily, we had three full days of appointments in the office so my stupidity didn’t slow down the work at all.

All of our investigators are doing really well except one.  She learned English from watching television.  Sadly, she also picked up Hollywood’s morals.  We haven’t given up on her yet.

Another investigator, Jeannie, is doing amazingly well.  At church on Sunday there were two new girls there and we jokingly told her to go make friends.  Well, she did and she got their phone numbers, and invited them to dinner, and to Family Night too.  I expect her to be baptized soon.

The sisters are working with a 30-something Malayu drug addict who really has a strong desire to change.  We always accompany the sisters as safety back-up but at this point I kind of feel like he’s our investigator too.  On Friday he called and said he was “bored” which is actually code for “I’m about to go on a drug binge; try to stop me.”  We immediately went over with a Chinese member who speaks English because she was helping us that day anyway.  It was a good lesson in a park.  Sometime during our meeting I felt a hand on my shoulder and this guy was like, “Hey, long time no see!”  I had no idea who he was.  After talking for a bit he reminded me that I had talked to him on the MRT many stops away from here a few days before but he didn’t really want.  Well, that night he decided to take a walk down a quiet back alley, which just happened to be where we were teaching at the time.  He saw my red hair from a ways off and decided to come talk to me!  He still didn’t really want but he did set up for a dinner appointment.  Miracle!  Sunday night we went to teach the drug addict again.  He was wasted.  He had been clean for about three weeks, but when we saw him he could hardly stand up straight.  We sang some songs with him and then just told him to go home.

On a better note, we broke all kinds of records this week.  The zone had 92 new investigators in a single week.  It shattered the old record by 20.  By the way, that record had stood for more than three years.  We also beat the “on date” record the “member present” record, and the “referrals contacted” records too.  Miracle March baby!

I love you guys!

Also can,

Elder Moody


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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One Response to Red head spotted!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ouch. That had to Hurt! Glad it’s healing quickly. you guys are breaking some fabulous records.the work seems very strong over there. Their not going to want to release you 3 months from now, but I don’t think your family would let you stay. LoL. Love the redhead story. You probably stand out alittle there which is great! Keep up the good work. Sincerely, the Holleys

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