March madness . . . and miracles

"A good impression" -- by Grandpa Fortune

March 14, 2012

Remember my “Man v. bus” e-mail back in October?  …Elder Forsyth was my companion at the time?  Well, apparently his grandfather, a cartoonist, thought it was funny enough to create a cartoon.  Elder Forsyth’s mom sent it to me.

Well this has been a truly miraculous week!  Singapore is seeing some wicked crazy growth right now.  Some how I had it worked into my mind that an area can influence the amount of success a companionship can have.  And maybe it can, but if has any effect at all, it’s minimal.  Office elders typically don’t have a lot of success since they get to do, at most, about three hours of proselyting compared to eight or nine for the rest of us.

Elder Swingle from KL was transferred into the office and now they are the companionship to beat.  They found 17 new investigators last week and taught almost 200 “other lessons” (i.e., sharing at least two principles with a commitment).  I’m now convinced that missionaries make the area and not vice versa.

President Clark had a heart attack last week.  I forgot to tell you because he made such a small deal of it.  Apparently his aorta artery was like 95% closed so it’s a miracle he survived.  Frankly I’m not surprised in the least.  He runs marathons fairly regularly and is in crazy good shape.  It happened at a good time because Elder Perkins of the Seventy was here training us so President Clark’s hospitalization really didn’t affect the work. Elder Perkins didn’t remember me at first but I introduced myself and reminded him that he encouraged me to take Chinese in high school.  He is largely responsible for why I am in Singapore.  He knows Ian and Julie from my BYU ward, and was their branch president in Beijing.  He also knows Alex Nightingale.  Hearing him talk about his work in China has me interested in international law.

We have eight investigators on date for baptism only two of which are a little weak.  One of them is a very bright light.  We planned to teach her the Word of Wisdom last Wednesday night and had a member with us.  We were ready for objections and questions when she said, “Oh yeah, I already know that.  It was hard for me to quit coffee at first but I just started sleeping earlier and now it’s easy.”  We were a little shocked.  Turns out she read about the Word of Wisdom on some Taiwanese website and thought to herself, “Self, I guess I can’t know if it’s good or bad until I actually try it.”  So she did.  She found that it was good, and she’s been living it ever since.  I was speechless! She did say she had one question.  We were like, “Awesome, we actually teach you something.”  Wrong.  Her question was, “How can I help my friends live the Word of Wisdom?”  Needless to say, our investigators are amazing!

If you look back, wayyyyyyy back when I was first in Singapore at the beginning of my mission, there is a photo of me standing next to a guy in a top hat with angel wings.  His chest is painted and he’s standing on small platform.  Well, Elder Swingle contacted the guy and he came to church, but he was dressed like an ordinary guy.  So that’s kind of cool and also a little funny.

Love you guys!

Also can,

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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