Year of the Dragonwasp!

January 25, 2012

Bitten by an Asian wasp

Well, it’s been another great week in Asian heaven.  Played some basketball in the morning (I used to have a bit of skill – I no longer have any – it has been driven out of me by the confines of Malaysia).  Been doing a lot of contacting, teaching some lessons, and oh the buffets!  Here’s to hoping I don’t get too fat.  Who’s with me?  I thought you might like to see what an Asian wasp did to my finger.  Made it swell up bigger than my thumb!

The Chinese New Year here was surprisingly not too fun for us.  The missionaries didn’t get to see the fireworks or go to any of the cool parties or anything like that but there are some cool dragons all over the city so that’s sweet.  Also Swatch made a special Year of the Dragon watch that’s really cool.  On Sunday we only had an hour of church.  Compare that to Christmas when there were still three and you get an idea of how big the Chinese New Years is here.  Way bigger than Christmas.  Yep, it’s true.  I’m on the hunt for some cool Year-of-the-Dragon stuff.

In other news we had a Mission Leader Training yesterday.  It was all about the power of prayer.  President Clark made an interesting off-topic comment.  He said that many churches can justify sin, but ours can sanctify us from it.  That’s a pretty cool thought.  Eventually, everyone will be brought to justice based on their own sins, and thereby have their sins justified.  It’s only through baptism, the Holy Ghost, and subsequent repentance that we can become sanctified from those sins.  He said it so off-hand that I’m sure it was directed at me.  I’ve found that if someone says something I don’t know and they say it like it’s common knowledge, it eats me up until I understand it.

In other news we had a competition in the zone for most new investigators in a week.  We – the zone leaders – buy the winning companionship ice cream.  Me and Vance thought we had it locked up with 10 investigators, an unusually high number.  Then came Monday’s report.  Sister Rinets and Parker (a new missionary) had 13!!!  That’s absolutely incredible and it’s definitely putting us on the right path to hit our baptism goal in February.  We broke down the numbers and determined that we need.  With 104 on-date right now and 312 new investigators by the beginning of February we’re right on track.  Needless to say, the missionaries in this zone are outstanding.

On Sunday, after our single hour of church, we had an activity at 5:00 p.m.  It was a steamboat for the YSA (Young Single Adults) and missionaries.  We had a lot of fun. Elder Vance was pretty sick the next day so during a lesson we had scheduled I took an different elder who was on a visa run so he could teach with me while Elder Vance slept. Poor guy looked like death.  Anyway, we taught a great girl.  She’s great.  Always comes to church but won’t get baptized because of tea.  She’s totally addicted to the stuff.  Tried to stop but got heat flashes and fevers and the like for a few days until she drank it again. We talked it out and she committed to stop by March.  Pray for her.  She needs to be baptized.  Stupid addictions.

Dianna took us out to eat at a nice buffet on Monday.  It was going to be with a new investigator.  After an hour she calls her friend (the investigator) and find out where she is but can’t reach her.  After a few minutes of this I asked to see her phone and figured out that her friend had been holding for her 15 minutes.  Dianna told her to go to the wrong MRT stop.  Then she was yelling all of this in a crowded but very nice restaurant. So I was embarrassed and LOL-ing at the same time.

Sorry this has been so scattered but now I’m off to a birthday thing at the mission office. Love you all!

Also can,

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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