Last e-mail of the year…

December 28, 2011

So let me recap Christmas for you.  On Friday I did six interviews for the sisters.  I was particularly worried about one guy.  Prior to the interview I felt like he needed some more time to get ready for baptism.  I talked to the sisters and agreed to be the bad guy.  I was going to let him know during the interview.  Everything was going well.  Everyone else passed; no problems.  Then he comes in for his interview.  I knew immediately that having him wait was wrong.  I asked him all the questions and he answered perfectly.  So I talked to Sister Rinet, who was translating for me, and decided that allowing him to be baptized was the right thing to do.  I love doing interviews.  I feel the Spirit strongly working through me.  Two of the people I interviewed asked me to baptize them.  Sweet! That makes three baptisms in Malay and three in Chinese since I’ve been in Sarawak.

On Christmas Eve we went to Elder & Sister Hodder’s where we exchanged white elephant gifts and had snacks.  I ended up getting an Angry Birds watch.  Dad, it’s coming your way!  I cracked up when we Skyped that you are so obsessed with that game.

Sunday was a great.  After church we went to visit a members at nine different Iban houses, each of which fed us.  The food was great, just way too much of it.  On Sunday morning we got a text from Roy that his mom wants to be baptized!  How sweet is that? On Monday night we went out to see her but she was back to the old, “No I’ve already been baptized and I go to the Miri Gospel Church story.”  Well, the sisters here have a good relationship with her so tonight they’re going with us to try and teach her again.  Hopefully they can get through to her because everything we’ve tried has no long-term effects.  She needs to get baptized.

Funny line of the week?  Sister Jensen said, “My female part is missing…”  Wait!  What did I just day?”  She meant to say “female counter part,” meaning her companion, Sister Rinet, but it came out very wrong.

Yesterday I trained our district about how to use the Apostasy in teaching situations.  We talked about the when, why and how of the Apostasy and then moved into some role-playing.  We even discussed using the Apostasy to explain to a less-active member why he/she should come back to church.  After that we went over some FAQs and good scriptures then moved into individual apostasy.  If we start to rely on our intellect instead of our faith it makes it easier for external influences and philosophies to twist our beliefs little by little until only a shell of our former glory remains.  Before you know it, the Spirit is absent from your life.  Keep that in mind.

Love you guys. Have a great week. Until next week!

Also can,

Elder Moody


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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One Response to Last e-mail of the year…

  1. Sister Phipps says:

    We just enjoy reading all about your experiences and you are having such a spiritual mission. Happy New Year.
    Sister Phipps, Liz Phipps, Jennifer(Phipps) Swan

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