Translating & negotiating over a refrigerator!

December 7, 2011

Okay, so it’s been a really, really good week.  Not the whole week really, but Monday and Tuesday were especially good.  I guess it all stared on Friday when we actually decided to go contacting.  Knocking actually.  Again.  We have honestly knocked all of Miri this point so I guess I’d call it re-knocking.  We actually had some success!  Two phone numbers, one of which set up a return appointment.  On Monday we called the appointment right before we went and . . . wrong number.  We went to her home and she wasn’t home (or wouldn’t answer), so we went to an appointment with Roy and the Hodders that night during which Roy let us know that he had set up an appointment with the guy he brought to church two weeks ago.  We were like, “Whoa, sweet brah!”  We also went to see Helen from Sibu.  She’s making me a sweet BYU bead tie and knitting me this crochet thing with my name on it so I’m pretty excited to get those from her.

Boulevard Restaurant

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and it was better than usual.  The Hodders brought Sister Lowe a white chocolate macadamia cake.  It was the most delicious cake I’ve had in a year.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.  Then we headed across the street to the Boulevard Restaurant to eat with the Chinese group and the other missionaries for Sister Lowe’s last district meeting.  It was also very delicious.  Then we went home for about 30 minutes before we went with the Hodders to translate for them as they negotiated their way out of the old house the other elders are moving from.  It was the biggest hassle on earth.

First of all, we were given the wrong Tenancy Agreement so half of everything it said wasn’t applicable.  And on top of that it was the most terribly worded legal document imaginable.  We could have gotten away with stealing basically everything in the house and leaving it in shambles.  But the one hang-up was the refrigerator.  The homeowner immediately walked into the kitchen and told us that the fridge wasn’t hers. And she wouldn’t back down, even when we showed her the Tenancy Agreement (that we didn’t know at the time was wrong).  To explain, there were four elders and they had two refrigerators.  Apparently, they moved the wrong one since they were also looking at the wrong contract.  We drove her to the new house and she was immediately like, “Yeah, that’s mine!  I know it is.”  We didn’t want to argue anymore and agreed to move the fridge.  Well, they had a truck, and we didn’t.  We asked if we could use it for a few minutes.  They said they didn’t have time.  Then their son pulled up in another truck.  He also said he didn’t have time to exchange the refrigerators.  So today we are going back and Elder Forsyth and I will translate again . . . on our P-day!  Anyway it was good Chinese practice and a fun story.

After that escapade we went home for another hour or so and Roy picked us up at 7:30 p.m. for our appointment with his friend.  We met at a little hawker stand in some back alley downtown.  He was really cool.  We taught a good first lesson and then Roy’s friend’s friend came downstairs right as we were finishing.  And he was really cool too! We went out to eat with all of them and got his number and both of them committed to come to church so it was a fantastically useful day.  So sweet.

My favorite part of the entire experience was watching Roy teach.  He is really coming along well.  Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and Roy shared his testimony.  I forget sometimes just how much the gospel can change people.  He went from not being Christian just three months ago to sharing a powerful testimony and helping us with missionary work.  It’s nothing short of a miracle in my eyes.  He helped teach a lot last night because the guy he found for us doesn’t speak much Mandarin.  So Roy basically gave the first lesson alone and did extremely well.  I’m really grateful that we were able to baptize such an awesome guy.  He’s already planning to go the temple.  After seeing the pictures and teaching about it he can’t wait to go.  For some reason he wants to go the first time in America.  What a goofball.  Love him nonetheless.

I received my package with Pringles and Skippy peanut butter.  Would you believe that just three hours earlier we went shopping and I bought Pringles and Skippy peanut butter?  You knew two weeks before I did what I’d be craving.  And the new bank card works!  Put in some mo’ cash and I’ll go shopping for your Christmas stuff soon.

Love you all!

Also can,

Elder Moody


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