Blackened peach cobbler

November 2, 2011

So last Wednesday Helen and Roy invited all the missionaries over to their house for food.  We confirmed the night before and everything was set to go.  We showed up with our convoy on Wednesday and . . . no food.  Helen totally spaced it so we stayed for a bit then just went out to get some Indian food.  I absolutely love Indian food.  And I’m gonna miss it back in America.  You just can’t get this quality of Indian food from white people or with Caucasian ingredients.

There is a less-active member who is 13-years old.  Her name is Natalie and she’s awesome.  Her ride to church is her aunt who is also less-active but Natalie is the only member of her family.  Her mom doesn’t want but is always really nice to the elders and feeds us.  We decided to pay her back by making her a peach cobbler.  We borrowed a recipe from Sister Lowe.  The recipe contained a warning at the bottom that reads, “Malaysian ovens are terrible.  If you want to discuss options on how to prevent burning, give me a call.”  Well, I thought we could handle it.  We followed all the directions and stuck our concoction into the oven and set the timer for 20 minutes instead of 40 so we could check to make sure it wasn’t burning.  When the timer went off the temperature had risen from 260° C (500° F) to well over 300° C (572° F) and it was at the lowest heat we could get it to.  In those 20 minutes it baked solid like a rock and was as black as midnight.  Elder Forsyth broke through the black shell and managed to salvage and ate it with some ice cream.  We simply couldn’t deliver it in the condition it was in.  On Thursday we will try again.  We will call Sister Lowe beforehand to see if she can give us a few tricks to try.

Farewell to Sister Clark at McDonalds

On Saturday night we had our Chinese group party for Sister Clark’s departure.  This was her sixth mission and she is now on her way home.  She is an amazing example of how to serve.  A few investigators came so it was a success.  We’ve been really struggling lately to find new investigators.  People will speak with us at their gates but refuse to allow us back for an appointment.  When we do miraculously get an appointment, they drop us via text the next day.  It’s happened like three times.  So we’re gonna keep on pushing forward and work through this rough stint until we find someone else who’s prepared to change their lives!  You know how we roll.

On Sunday we watched another broadcast.  This one was just for Asia.  Bishop Burton, the Presiding Bishop, spoke as did Elder Anthony Perkins of the Seventy and Elder Richard G. Scott of the Twelve.  It was great.  Sister Helen came again!  She’s very slowly making progress, but it’s progress and we’re happy with that.  On Sunday evening we went to the third of three going away parties for Sister Clark. The party was at a nonmember’s home who has been a huge help to the Church, helping us acquire property and gain official recognition in Miri.  His house was massive.  He is quite wealthy.  The food was amazing. We learned afterwards that the only reason we were invited was because Sisters Lowe and Clark saw us sitting on a curb trying to figure out where we going to spend the rest of the evening.  We must have looked really pathetic because Sister Lowe decided to invite us to lift our spirits.  It worked!

The zone leaders are on their way to Kuching for a Zone Leader Conference and it’s a 16-hour trip, one way.  They left their companions in our house so Elder Forsyth and I are on babysitting duty for the next three to four days.  Fun, fun!  Love you guys.

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Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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