Man v. bus

October 19, 2011

The evidence

Yesterday I hit a bus.  We were riding along, all happy like, but at a pretty quick pace because we had some stuff to do.  All of the sudden we hear the screeching of tires and some ladies yell from behind us.  I looked back to see what happened, and by the time I looked back there was a bus in front of me — right in front me.  It actually cut me off and came to an abrupt stop.  I had zero time to react.  The busy travel lane full of traffic was to my right and a deep gutter to my left.  I pulled the brakes but was going so fast that I only slid and had just enough time to brace for impact.  Boom!  I smashed full on into the back of a stopped bus.  I was still at a good clip when I made impact.  My bike is a 24-speed and there were only 2 gears higher than what I was riding in.  It must have been cartoon like because I left prints on the dirty bus from every part of me that contacted it, especially my sweaty face.  You can clearly see my head, my nose a bit, the place where my helmet was, my knee, and my shoulder. The helmet, sadly, didn’t help a bit, as I face planted, well the right side of my face to be precise.  I struck it with enough force that I bounced back about four feet but somehow managed to stay upright.  It hurt but not enough to curtail any activities the rest of the day.  My knee is a bit swollen and I’m sore all over.  My cheek is bruised but I’m good to go.  You might ask what my companion was doing this whole time?  He was doing exactly what I would have been doing had he done it; he was cracking up.  The bus didn’t stop to see if I was all right but as it pulled away some kid on the back of the bus just starred at me.  Maybe it was because I just ran into the back of a bus on my bike!  Stella survived the ordeal.  The handlebars are a little wider and shorter than they were before we took on a bus.  It also knocked the chain off but that was a quick fix.  Did I tell you I’m sore?  Mostly it’s in my shoulders.  But what a story to tell to posterity!  Elder Forsyth took photos of my bus print.  You can see on the pavement the cover to the taillights I took out with my knee.  Since I escaped with nothing broken, I guess you could say I took on a bus and won, right?

Still smiling

This week everyone we were teaching dropped us so we’re back to ground zero.  Remember the referral I told you about from  He was really cool.  He’s in his 60s and considers himself a Buddhist Christian.  He feels that Buddhism lacks some important basic truths but has a hard time accepting the fact that Christ suffered for our sins.  The first thing we need to help him understand is that Christ is our Savior.  We will start there and move forward.

On Monday we contacted in an area when some white guy pops out of nowhere and exclaims, “Jehovah is God!” and proceeds to warn us to repent and beware of what we teach.  I asked him to leave but he wouldn’t so I stood in front of him with my back turned so he couldn’t look at the person we were speaking with.  As he stepped around me, Elder Forsyth held up a pamphlet that had a picture of Christ on it and asked the white guy, “Who is this?”  The guy said, “I do not know that man.”  Elder Forsyth’s reply?  “I know you don’t.”  We then asked the Chinese guy with no Christian background the same question.  He said, “That’s Jesus, right?”  Wow!  The pseudo, Jehovah-is-God-proclaiming pastor didn’t recognize the Savior but a 17-year old non-Christian did.  We figured out the Caucasian spoke only English so just talked to the kid in Chinese.  Later we watched the white guy walk into a house.  I recognized the car in front of the house.  It almost hit me once!  I swear he swerved to scare me and when I didn’t move he had to swerve back.  He’s a bad man.  I’d hate to be him at Judgment Day.  Trying to run over missionaries and then ask others to worship the God you don’t even know.  Now that we know where he lives we’re gonna go contact him.

Elder Whittaker was transferred; Elder Gott will be training and moving in with us.  There go the glory days.  Elder Kampenhout is coming in with a new missionary and he and Gott will be zone leaders.  Sounds fun, huh?  Elder Jenkins (whom I trained) will train the new Chinese elder which makes me a grandfather.  Whoop!

Family Dinner Box

Last night the Miri 2nd Branch and Chinese members went bowling.  It was fun.  Afterwards, everyone went out to eat but it was too late and we didn’t have the time, so Elder Forsyth and I bought a McDonalds Family Dinner Box and took it home.  What’s in a McDonalds Family Dinner Box?  Try two Quarter Pounders with cheese, one Big Mac, one Double Cheeseburger, one Chicken Nuggets, four drinks, two fries, and two sundaes.  We finished the entire thing!  I felt so gross after finishing it.

We’re doing great; struggling with the work a bit but pressing on in faith.  Love you guys. Have a great week!

Also can,

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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4 Responses to Man v. bus

  1. Candice Smith says:

    Oh Elder Moody…… You made us (Michael and I) laugh. Michael made the comment that he would of laughed at you to if he was your companion. It nice to hear that you are having a great time, and doing well. Keep up the wonderful work.

    The Smith’s
    (Michael, Candice, Madalynn, Zane, Brinlie, Maylee and Dylann. Yea, we have 5 kids!)

  2. Hahahaha I love the bus story!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I swear I CAN see your face imprinted on the BUS!!! Sorry. . .but I laughed all the way through, in my defense I knew you survived because you wrote about it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so glad you are ok. that angel is still hanging around you. Love your emails and experiences. We are jealous of the good food you can eat. In Africa the investigators are many and the food is few. You are awesome.

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