Just call me 穆

August 17, 2011

Alright, in the goofiest story of the week and worst referral ever (at the same time) this story is from the sisters.  Oh the sisters!  On Thursday night they called with a referral and said that the girl’s name is Ng My Hog.  The Chinese characters the girl wrote for them, however, said something very different.  A few days later we traveled to her area and asked for Ms. Ng and the guy at the door seemed confused and said there was no one there by that name.  After explaining who we were and why we were there, I asked for the name in the Chinese characters and suddenly everyone understood.  The girl had some very obvious mentally challenges.  Everyone in the house was laughing and shaking their fingers at this poor girl.  She just looked at them at grinned, not knowing that they were mocking her.  No one was interested in our message, but we tried to take it in good stride.  We called the sisters when we left and explained what happened.  Their response? “Oh, that explains a lot.”  What the heck?!  How they couldn’t tell there was something wrong is beyond me.

The "secret" door

Also on Thursday, we were teaching Phillip and his dad.  We assumed no one else was home.  All of the sudden the wall immediately behind us makes a noise, we turn around and it’s opens!  Out walks Peter, Phillip’s brother, who was asleep in that “secret” room. Somehow, in all of our appointments with this family, we had never noticed that there was a door behind us.  Elder Forsyth and both found this extremely funny and were rolling in laughter but no one could understand why.

Later that night we dropped by Roy’s house.  He gave us another fruit that we really didn’t want to eat.  (Roy’s mother gives us some strange fruit every time we come by but we usually don’t want them.)  So we’ve started to re-gifting them to Sister Chai and her family and they like us more than ever.  Win-win, right?

Friday we had an appointment with Grandma Bong.  Her house is usually 20 degrees hotter than it is outside and has 80% more mosquitos.  In other words, it was no good. Hot and muggy!  I was sweating bullets while trying to have a discussion with her about the Millennium. Yes, that was her concern — the Millennium.  She is almost done with the Book of Mormon but still won’t accept a baptism date.  She knows it’s true, but somehow just can’t take the next step.

Saturday we spent the day with President Chan.  He helped us teach Phillip’s family the Word of Wisdom discussion.  You should have seen Mrs. Leong’s face when we brought up coffee.  Her countenance dropped, but Phillip and Peter told her that they’d help her and that we need to follow the commandments.  It turned out to be really cool.  All of them are committed.  All we have left to teach is the Law of Tithing, and then they just need to come to church a few more times.  After that we saw a few less-actives then President Chan took us to the airport to pick up some lady that came from KL to visit the Miri Chinese branch.  She served a mission in California, is still not unmarried, is like 30 something and is as flirty as anything.  She’s a full-sized woman and very Asian.

I learned this week that President Clark’s mother, one of the senior sisters in our mission, is the oldest proselyting missionary in the entire world.  How cool is that?!  She is 86-years old.  She is extremely nice to us.

I guess we're "Aposte" now?

We got home a bit late because of the airport run, so Elder McCormies decided it was time for revenge.  I need to explain.  You see, he didn’t get home on time a single Monday night that I knew him because he was always at Family Home Evening with members. Each time, we would make a sign to welcome him home that made some reference to him being apostate.   Now it was his chance.  His made a sign that read, “Who is aposte now?” The poor guy couldn’t spell apostate to save his life.  We gave him three chances to correct it.  His first attempt changed the spelling to “aposste”.  We laughed.  Next he spelled it “apoeste”.  We laughed more.  His last attempt spelled it “apaste”.  It was hilarious!  We laughed for at least 20 minutes.  He’s gone now so we are mourning his ascention to the land of endless P-days.  His departure leaves our zone with four elders and two sisters.  That leaves me the district leader of a zone.  Also, don’t know.

Sunday we only had one at church with six committed.  Ironically, the only one who didn’t commit to come is who showed up.  I wasn’t happy, but dinner at President Chan’s made it all better.  I beat him at Chinese chess.

Big Mac Mondays are no longer what the y used to be.  With only four elders it’s pretty hard to sit and talk about the mysteries of the kingdom.  Despite that I am really enjoying Miri.  That’s all for this week.  Love you all!

Also can,

Elder Moody

P.S.  President Chan changed my Chinese name.  It’s still “Mu” but the new character is actually a last name and not just a random object.  穆 means “solemn” or “reverent”.

Panasonic or PenesamiG?


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