Malaysian text messages

August 10, 2011

So let’s start out with some humorous texts we received from our investigator, Roy:

  • How are you doing, can I invite to your eat an meal, it nothing for what, just a litter dinner only, that was my mother birthdays of dinner;
  • I would celebration to 8/31 date, did you got free?
  • Lol, omg, do you know where is holiday inn at?
  • No, no, (sigh) ok, I think you better come mine house first, and second you get my car, then we move together, I lead you going there.

There were more but they aren’t as good and make less sense and all this from the guy that is always out to correct our Chinese because he knows both Chinese and English.  I hope someone isn’t posting my Chinese texts and laughing about it.

On Thursday everything we had planned was canceled — everything.  Contacting didn’t work.  It was a day of fail.

Friday we had Mission Leadership Training with President Clark and the APs.  It was great training but I’ve been through the same training seven times now.  Still, it’s always good to review.  It was very helpful for all the new Malaysian trainers and especially for their new greenies.

Saturday we headed out and met with Phillip and his family again.  His parents are no longer on date because Phillip’s grandma (who lives in Kuching) told them that they couldn’t be baptized as long as she is alive.  Phillip and his brother, Peter, are still good to go though, and their friend, Naixuan, is also on date so it’s good to go.  Then we went to Roy’s.  His mom made us some amazing curry and his brother made us the best sweet-and-sour fish I have ever had.  We found out later that he studied cooking in Brunei, Singapore, and New Zealand.  He is just an amazing chef!  Almost rivals Kyal — almost.  We also found out that a less active member is getting married.  She invited us not only to attend the wedding, but to perform the ceremony, sign as witnesses, and sing at the reception.  Unfortunately, Malaysian law prohibits us from performing a marriage so the first one is out, but the latter are still a go.  Too bad!  That would have been so cool to have performed a marriage as a missionary.  Alas, it was not to be.

Sunday was District Conference.  Elder Forsyth and I spent the entire time translating for the few Chinese members that showed up.  One Chinese member attended that we have never seen before.  She asked if we were the new missionaries.  No we aren’t new!  We have been here for two months!  Where have you been?

Monday we went to Brenda’s work and met with her again.  She is progressing well, but it’s always hard to get people to open up to the gospel when then feel like they’re making it fine on their own.  What they don’t understand is how much better their lives would be with the guidance of scripture and the Holy Ghost.  That about does it for this week. Mary off to college?  That’s nuts.

I love you all!  Have a great week.

Also can,

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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