July 27, 2011

Malaysia sign

It has been another crazy week; crazy mostly because of transfers in which Miri was the biggest surprise — no changes.  One Chinese area was shut down; Elder Gott moved from the area to become a zone leader; Elder Tabiar left; and nothing else changed.  This will be my second time with Elder Gott.  I’m planning on staying in Miri until at least September.

We’re having having more success right now in Miri than ever before.  We were able to put another three people on date for baptism; the investigators that live in Lim Su Kai’s house.  His brother, Aboy, Aboy’s girlfriend, Ellen, and their mutual friend and co-worker, Kelvin.  We taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation and, when we got to Our Purpose on Earth, we started talking about baptism.  Lim Su Kai jumped in and took over from there.  He explained that it isn’t scary and that you’re only under water for a few seconds.  (A lot of people have that fear actually.  They think that they have to hold their breath for a really long time.  Usually I say that it’s two hours just to tease them.  It also lightens the mood and makes it easier for them to accept.)  But yeah, he committed them to September 10th.  Kelvin accepted readily.  He was like, “Yeah, absolutely!  I’ll be prepared and I want to be baptized!”  The other two were a little less enthusiastic but willing.


We also had to push Phillip’s family’s date back to September 10th because of Phillip’s dance recital.  We mistakenly thought it was July 20th, but it’s actually August 20th.  Therefore, they were moved back a month and they all seemed really relieved about it. We haven’t met with them this week because they’ve all been really busy but we have an appointment tomorrow night so we’re preparing for it.  We also received three referrals last Thursday before we even left the house.  We had a good time kacau-ing (i.e., teasing) Tyler and McCormies about that.  “That’s how the Cinas (i.e., Chinese living in Malaysia) work.  We do nothing and still get work done.”  But one didn’t want.  Another still hasn’t answered his phone, but the other is awesome.  Her name is Brenda.  When we first called she didn’t believe that we spoke Chinese.  She is really eager to learn.  The first day we met her at work and invited her to the Pioneer Day party that night and she showed up!  Looking back, maybe it wasn’t the best idea.  It must have been strange for her to see everyone was dressed like American pioneers.  She could’t make it to church the next day because she had to drive her mother around and her mom didn’t want to come to church. Still, we are scheduled to see her tomorrow morning.  She made us cookies today and brought them to the mall where we bowled earlier today.  Speaking of bowling, I bowled a new personal best today of 149!  No frames less than nine pins and five strikes.

Stick pull

At the Pioneer Day party I used my lacrosse sticks for the stick pull.  Guess who came out on top?  Well, actually it was Elder Forsyth but I was close behind him in second place.  People just assume I’m pudgy and week.  Then we go toe-to-toe and that misconception gets straightened out very quickly.  Since I’ve been in Miri I’ve gone from two pull-ups to eight.  Not a bad, huh?

Kampung longhouse

Well, we’re having a ton of success here, and I know that it’s the Lord blessing us.  I love serving here and know that obedience leads directly to blessings.  Love you all!

Also can,

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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2 Responses to Miri-cles

  1. Hinrichsens says:

    We love ya Johnson. Thanks for your example to our family. The Hinrichsens

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey JOhnson, this is Aunt Stacy. Gosh its been just over a year>>>>> seems like 3.
    (to me). I read your emails to my family every week. This is what I am counting on to seal the deal with Davis and Drew going. They love your pictures, so keep them coming. We would lilke to see more of you though. Drew said he wants to see you doing those PULL UPs.HaHaHA
    Davis just found out he got BYU credits for the AP World History class. He is rocked.
    Drew has pulled a BUTT muscle and cant play football for at least 3 weeks. He is socked.
    I just made those words up> Hahhahah Watched your Eagle video yesterday. CRIED!!!!
    Davis’s project was approved this week at B. OF REv. He is ready to start. We think you are the greatest……. I love you Johnson, Aunt Stacy

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