Not dead!

July 6, 2011
For the first time in five months, I finally had a member-present discussion this week! It was really, really good too. We met with Mrs. Leong’s family – the one from last week that went much better than expected. Our branch president, President Chan, came with us and he’s just a great teacher. He jumped in when we asked him to and bore testimony and, best of all, he didn’t share anything too off-the-wall or too deep for new investigators to comprehend! Sadly, they didn’t make it to church this week. Their 16-year old son is ridiculously busy. On Sundays he works from 7:00 am to noon, and the goes to dance class from 1:00 to 3:00 pm – right when church is going on. Still, we were blessed to find a family who really is seeeking the truth. The son, Phillip, said that he believes church is important enough to cancel some of his other things. Now all he has to do is convince his mom and dad. Did i mention that we’ve never met his dad? That always worries me. It’s werid really. Husbands here usually have a minimalistic relationship with their families; the complete opposite of what the Church teaches. They work from early morning to late evening and, if they do have some time off, they go drinking with friends. They can’t be bothered with kids (unless, of course, it’s to tell them that they can’t be Christian because their ancestors weren’t). But, I did come up with a good answer while studying the scriptures. You know how it says in the Book of Mormon over and over again that the Lamanites followed the traditions of their fathers and hated the Nephites for no other reason? Well, it’s the same thing. The old traditions are stupid and based on utter ignorance. So here’s my answer. Your ancestors didn’t use electricity or have plumbing either. In fact, your ancestors believed in farming their own food and sharing money with the community to help everyone grow. You don’t do any of those things now so why would you latch onto something you understand even less, like religion? I’d like to see a good answer come out of that one.
Anyway, off of that rant. Sunday night, usually the night where we wander aimlessly for lack of anything to do, we decided last minute to go see a less active guy that did’t make it to church. So we called and he said we could come over. We got there and there were a lot of people there that usually aren’t, including his dad, his younger brother, the younger brother’s girfrield and his friend from KL. We were lpan-ing on just going over to get to know him better but the Lord had different plans. As soon as we sat down, everyone else sat down too, in a perfect little circle with us at the head. And they were just quiet … just waiting for a lesson of the restored gospel! At first we only shared a little lesson about prayer, but about five minutes later I felt inspired to talk about the First Vision. We also got out Books of Mormon to read from and the girlfirend, Ellen, was like, “Hey, we have two of these in my house!” She’d never read them or anything but at least she now knows what they are. It was a really good lesson and Ellen and the other two all said theat they believed what we said was true. I asked why and they just said that it felt right and made sense. And that made my second member-present discussion in a week! So in one week I had two member-present discussions when I hadn’t had any in five months. Now I think that the five month dry spell was partially my fault. In Kuching we really didn’t have anyone that was able to help us teach and I think that I lost faith in the members for a while. This last week restored that faith. Having a member there really does bring the Spirit and help the investigator see that normal people are part of this religion; people with families and jobs and worries and things they had to overcome. So yeah, that’s a really big help.
So, here’s a story. Last week Elder Forsyth and Elder McCormies went with a member to visit his friend who is terminally ill in the hospital. Well, when they got there a Chinese member that calls us about five times a day called Forsyth and asked where he was. He said he was at the hospital and that he would have to call her back.thIshe got really quiet and then asked where I was. Elder Forsyth replied, “Oh, he isn’t here.” Apparently the phrase “he/she isn’t here” in Mandarin is another way of saying that they died. And, combined with Forsyth being at the hospital, she was convinced that I was dead. She hung up and immediately called the President Chan to tell him not only that I had been hit by a car and killed, but that my companion had been hospitalized. So he called Elder Forsyth to see what was up and Forsyth just said that we were on splits, and that I was with Elder Tyler. He erupted in laughter and explained what had happened. Had Elder Forsyth been thinking, we could have faked my death and staged some elaborate resurrection scheme. Too bad! And that’s my week! Love you all.
Aso can,
Elder Moody


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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One Response to Not dead!

  1. Tina Forsyth says:

    Love the idea about faking his death/ressurection. Brilliant missionary stategy!

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