Success? Success!

June 29, 2011
Yesterday we ate dinner at Sister Judy’s. She’s the 10-year investigator and she’s super cool and nice. Her daughter was in town, visiting with her husband. He’s white. It’s always weird to see Larrys. But they were all really cool and nice and we actually spoke English most of the time, which was also weird. And just to prove how much language skill we’ve lost, here’s a story. Layton (the white guy) asked about our success and the hard parts of serving here and this is what Forsyth said, “Well we haven’t been having much succes… (he stumbled on the word “success” and it came out sounding more like “sex”) lately… Oh, no!” And then we all lost it. Everyone understood what he was trying to say but the accidental slip had me literally in tears. Oh man. It was the best slip I’ve heard since I’ve been here. It was hilarious.
On Thursday we went contacting at a new area that the other elders showed us. The previous Chinese elders stopped going there because it is “too far” (i.e., about a 45 minute bike ride away); nothing compared to what I was doing in Kuching. So we get out there and prayed before we started. Then the magic happened. In over two hours we only had time for two streets. We talked to many, many people and even got two return appointments. It was a personal little miracle for me becuase of the lack of success that we’ve had since we’ve been here.
So yesterday we went out to see those people and both appointments went really, really well. The first was with a woman that has four and a half kids (her words, not mine). I didn’t understand at first until she told she she was pregnant. So I was like, “Sweet, we get the mom and the whole family follows.” But sadly, all of her kids were still at school so it was just her. It was still alright but a bit of a dissappointment. But right as we were leaving she told us to go see her neighbor, who just happened to be our other appointment. She helped us get them to open the door. At first the mom was a bit reluctant to let us in but after giving her about a minute or more of silence she finally decided to let us in. And it went really, really well. Her sister showed up right in the middle of the lesson. She said she is Roman Catholic but seemed really cool and prayed with us and even asked when we would be coming back. She isn’t even from Miri. She lives in a little town about an hour away called Batu Nia. We do have a return appointment with her. At the end of the lesson the 16-year old guy there asked if he could bring friend and his mom asked if it was okay if she brings little kids to come listen. It was really really cool.
I really offended a member of our branch this week. I have never met her because she has never been to church since I’ve been here, but we’ve called several times on the phone and she always answers. In fact we called three days straight. The first day she told us we was too busy but promised to call us back later. She didn’t. Strike one. The next day we called again and she said the exact same thing. She didn’t. Strike two. She also previously promised to come to church. She didn’t. Strike three. So I called her the third day and was very kind. The conversation was something like, “Hey it’s been three days and you haven’t called us once, what’s up?” “Oh sorry, I’ve been really busy?” “Oh yeah, we have been too, but we know how important church is so we’re making time for you.” “Yeah, I’m really sorry, maybe another time.” “Well okay, but I want you to be serious this time. You promised to be at church and you weren’t. What are we gonna do?” I” said I’m sorry, didn’t I?”. “Okay.” “Okay, bye bye.”
I guess the strong push for a commitment really offended her and she was using me as an excuse to not be at church. The branch told me that she gets offended all the time but I felt really badly. I don’t want to have any part, imagined or real, in a person’s inactivity. So I wrote her a really nice apology letter and gave it to her inside of a Liahona magazine. Well, actually I left it in her gate because she wouldn’t come outside. So hopefully she’ll forgive me and stop being offended so easily. Also, Elder Forsyth decided that since we were so nice and humble about delivering a letter we’re gonna have a some sweet mail boxes in heaven. I hope that’s how blessing work.
Also can,
Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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