Kampung Budaya

May 11, 2011

Beloved fans of my blog, I apologize, but this email will not be covering the whole week; only today.  That’s because I talked to my family yesterday and I’m still dog tired and also lazy so I’ll just be reporting about today and maybe one story from last week.

Ulu guy

Today we went to Kampung Kudaya.  It was so awesome!  Ususally it costs 60 ringgit to get in, but missionaries get hookups sometimes.  We got in for the student discount 30 ringgit each.  It was worth every penny.  They have replica traditional houses from each major tribe or group of people in Sarawak and people for each tribe at the house to explain their history.  We saw Ibans, Bidayuhs, Ulus, Menaus, Malayus, and Chinese houses and met some people that still basically live that same lifestyle. One guy was playing a traditional sape, and right next to him a guy that had one supped-up.  He was playing an electric sape!  It had six strings and electric guitar pickups.  And the coolest thing was he was good at it.  He played some traditional stuff for a while, then broke into a little bit of Crazy Train and Smoke on the Water.  So cool.  He was a stud.

Electric sape (sa-pay) guy

After we walked to all of the houses, they performed tribal dances from each group. (except the Chinese).  It was even better than the houses.  They had an Ulu dance that featured a guy in a loincloth dancing with a blow pipe and shield.  He shot balloons from like 40 feet away way up on a wall and got two balloons with one dart.  It was pretty crazy.  He also called the new sister up from out of the crowd to try and hit a balloon.  She missed, but he made it funny.  Also this one guy climbed on top of a pole that these others guys were holding up and he spun on his stomach only.  It was pretty nuts.

Bamboo bridge

Now for the story from last week.  We were contacting and heard clapping from a house next to us.  We assumed she was clapping at our Chinese or to get our attention or something.  We talked to her and she mumbled at us for a while then opened the gate and invited us in.  It was weird.  She just kept mubling and muttering using Chinese, English, and Malay.  I asked Jenkins to share the Joseph Smith story and we’d boogie, but she cut him off before he finished and said soemthing like, “Oh that’s like a light in a street and there’s darkness around.”  Well I was leaning forward at this point to try to hear and make sense of her insane mutterings and she suddenly stopped, looked at me, and said… “You eyes are huge!”  She started opening her eyes real big and just pointing and laughing at me.   It was nuts.  So we prayed and started to leave and she insisted on getting us water.  She went to the kitchen and I kid you not it sounded like she was battling off evil demons with pots and pans.  Why we always seem to find the crazies? Well that’s it.  Sorry it’s so short this week.  Love you guys!

Also can,

Elder Moody


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2 Responses to Kampung Budaya

  1. Larry & Cindy Taylor says:

    Sounds like a cool p-day experience and a crazy lady. Keep up the good work…You are awesome!!! Cindy

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