Free food? Also can!

April 7, 2011

Me and Elder Lim walking in Sungai Apong

Just before I got transferred I met a lady that runs one of the biggest malls in Sibu.  There are actually only two malls in Sibu, hers and one downtown.  She said she appreciated the work we were doing and asked us to come by for a free meal at a new Italian restaurant in the mall.  I wasn’t too excited but I told her that I’d let her know when I came back to Sibu.  As you know, I was in Sibu last month but the restaurant still wasn’t open so she gave us a free Italian soda.  (9 ringgit/glass or $27.)  This week we were in Sibu again and stopped by to see her.  There were six of us and she took very good care of us.  We had 12 Italian sodas ($36); six bowls of mushroom soup (12 ringgit/each or $48); two baskets of French fries (5 ringgit/each or $3.30); six slices of amazing chocolate mousse cake (14 ringgit/each or $26); two orders of Pasta Carbonara (18 ringgit/each or $12); one order of lasagna (17 ringgit or $5.60); one order of potato salad and one of coleslaw (9 ringgit/each or $6); two orders of garlic bread at 8 ringgit/each or $3.30); one lamb shank (33 ringgit or $11); and two ribeye steaks (55 ringgit/each or $36).  Grand total?  $187.20!  We all originally ordered really, really cheap so we didn’t destroy this newly-owned restaurant, but she came out, retracted all of our orders and ordered for us.  All of this was free!  All of it!  It was easily the best meal I’ve had my entire mission.  That lady was awesome!  Such good food.  Too bad she doesn’t want.  The gospel, I mean.

The Chinese group at church continues to struggle for leadership.  I offhandedly mentioned during class on Sunday that he was going to be the new group leader and he responded, “We’ll talk after class.”  I dreaded talking to him afterwards.  Class ended and he caught me and Jenkins in the hallway.  He said that he is struggling with his testimony and said that he only comes to church to keep his family attending together.  I’m really worried about the Mandarin people in Kuching.  We have investigators that don’t want to go to church because it’s in Malay, and I don’t know if I blame them.  We’ll have to work that much harder to find someone to lead the Chinese.

Hiding from the rain in someone's garage

Other than that things are okay.  I just found out that one of our best investigators may have dropped us while I was in Sibu but we’re going to see her tomorrow and see if we can’t get things worked out.  Sungai Apong is still okay.  Mr. Liang and his family are a bit less awesome than I thought.  They’re nice but just refuse to keep commitments for some reason.  Also, he won’t read and if he won’t read he won’t convert.  We did find some promising potential across the street from Sungai Apong.  I’m happy with Kuching at the moment.  It’s gonna take some faith to keep things moving, but I just might be able to do it!  Haha.  I love mission life, even when it’s hard.

So I took my bike to Sibu on the boat.  At one point we hit some huge waves.  Our bikes weren’t strapped down or anything — just chillin’ on the deck.  I’m still amazed that they didn’t go overboard, absolutely amazed.  On our way back to Kuching we had to fit four of our bikes on the bus.  It didn’t go too well.  The guy just shoved my bike into the trunk space and somehow got my chain wedged in between the gears and the frame.  Took me 30 minutes and skin from both hands to pry it out.  Now Stella makes a terrible noise when I put a lot of pressure on the wheels.  Oh, and all this happened at about 6:00 a.m. after an eight hour bus ride.  As you can probably imagine, I wasn’t too happy.  It was about that time that a realized that taxis can’t take bikes, so me and Porter just gave up. We somehow managed to get our suitcases on our bikes and biked an hour home.  By the time we got back we were just done.  I showered quickly, climbed into bed, and woke up at noon after Elder Porter woke me up completely confused.  About 10 Chinese people walked into our house without knocking because they needed to “fix the table.”  By table they meant “couch”, the one Elder Porter was sleeping on.  They woke him up and told him to move.  They just took the couch.  We still don’t know where they went with it. Elder Porter was in his garments when they woke him up.  No wonder the poor guy was so confused.  Can you imagine waking up to all of that?  Surprised, panicked, and angry is not a good combination, but it does make for a pretty funny story.

Love you guys!!!

Also can,

Elder Moody

My trainee, Elder Jenkins, on a sweet bridge



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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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2 Responses to Free food? Also can!

  1. Kristie Lytle says:

    This makes me wonder, Johnson, have you fallen asleep while riding your bike yet?

  2. Larry & Cindy Taylor says:

    We love reading your letters Elder Moody. Todd & Dee thanks so much for sharing his mission experience with all of us. You are the best and we sure love your family. Cindy Taylor

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