Losing a Lim

February 16, 2011

I lost a Lim

We found out a few days ago that Elder Lim’s visa finally came through.  I thought I had another two weeks with him but I just found out that he leaves tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.  That pretty much ruined my P-day.  Gosh dang it!  He and I worked well, we taught well, found well and got along well.  Dang it!!!  I will be with Elder Vance again and Elder Aikens so it isn’t that bad.

So you all know what aloe vera is, right?  The stuff you put on sunburns?  Well it’s in all kinds of stuff here, like drinks, and it’s sooo good.  I had a blackcurrant aloe vera drink the other day and I almost died from the sheer deliciousness of it.  Also, aloe vera apple juice is awesome.

Have I told you about ramley burgers?  A ramley (rom-lee) is a patty wrapped in a fried egg with cheese, chili sauce and cucumbers.  And they’re incredible.  I had a king ramley not too long ago.  When I ordered it, I was super hungry, so I just said “No hot dog.  I don’t care about the price.  Put everything but hotdog on it, can?”  They said “Can”.  Well, me and Lim went back this week and I asked for the same thing, but I was smarter this time, so I ordered a mix burger with a chicken and beef patty with cheese and egg instead of a king patty with hot dog.  60¢ cents cheaper!  The people there were a bit mad.  They kept trying to convince me they weren’t the same, but they were.  I also got one for Elder Parrish, one of the new zone leaders.   His was $3.60 and mine was $4.40.  Total?  Eight dollars, right?  Simple math.  But wait!  I’m in Malaysia.  I went to pay and the guy was like, “$12.00”.   I was just like, “Nope, that’s wrong.”  So he goes, “Oh yeah.  $6.00.”
“Still wrong.”  “Umm … $11.20.”  “Nope.  It’s $8.00.”   “Uh, $6.50.”  “Nope, $8.00.”   So he pulls out his cell phone, does math on it for three minutes and says, $8.00 dollars.” Way to go Malay schooling.  When a Cheyenne grad beats you in math, that’s sad.  And it isn’t the first time that’s happened, or even the second.

Well last Friday was terrible.  It started pouring rain as soon as we were about to go outside so we waited for an hour and it only got worse.  So in order to make it on time to our appointments we eventually left and were thoroughly soaked in seconds.  We called the people were we supposed to meet from just outside their house.  They weren’t home.  Next appointment?  Same thing.  It was so bad!  Contacting in the rain is useless since most people won’t open their doors for fear of the rain so we took shelter until it was time to go home.  Yaya Friday!

On Monday the APs and ZLs from East Malaysia came to our house for zone conference on Monday and Missionary Leadership Training (MLT) the next day.  I went to both because I’m a trainer.  It was, of course, fun.  It was good to see Elder Nightingale again. He’s now an assistant to the president (AP).  We had a lot of catching up to do, mostly about the latest on Elder Teng.  It was good to see everyone.

Now for a ridiculous story.  Brother Raymond, an Iban member, invited us to his house for a Valentine’s Day party.  And let me tell you, Ibans are nuts.  As soon as I got there, he asked my name because he always forgets it and then proceeded to ask if my hair is really red.  How awkward is that?!  Then we ate and did the pocopoco (poe-cho poe-cho) which is the Iban version of the electric slide.  They do it everywhere and to any song.  So funny.

It’s been a rough week with our investigators.  JB, the younger girl is progressing really well, but she’s afraid to be baptized.  Why?  “Because baptism isn’t real in Malaysia.” She told me that if she was in America, “No problem, but since we’re in Malaysia, the Priesthood isn’t real.”  I was thinking, “That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.”  I still think that.  But we read 2 Nephi 31 with her, and that helped her understand a bit better. She just needs a stronger testimony in the Restoration.  That’s what this all hangs on.  If Joseph Smith did, in reality, see God and Jesus Christ, then this is all real, period.  There’s a reason the Restoration is the first lesson we teach.

Our investigator, Gary, and one of Elder Vance’s investigators, Li, on the other hand are golden – or so we thought.  They both love the message of the gospel and believe it’s true, but we found out yesterday that neither is living the law of chastity.  Li is a mistress to some guy in Indonesia and can’t break it off because they have two kids in common and he supports her and both kids.  Similarly, Gary and the lady we thought was his wife aren’t actually married.  We’ve constantly referred to her his wife in front of him and they never corrected us.  I really, really hope they can figure out ways to overcome this. Our next lessons are gonna have to be super, super good.

The work continues here in Sibu if somewhat slowly.  But through obedience and hard work, the Lord’s work will move forward.  Love you guys!  Have a great week.

Also can,

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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One Response to Losing a Lim

  1. Larry & Cindy Taylor says:

    Elder Moody is an awesome misssionary…you must be so proud, I know we are!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love to All the Moody’s, L&C Taylor

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