Sibu – through the looking glass

Buddhist temple in Sibu

January 19, 2011

Looking back at Sibu from Sentosa Utara

Now how’s that for a cool documentary title?  Yeah, I know.  Pro!  Also, it has another meaning.  We rode so far away from Sibu last week that we could barely see the tallest building.  We actually rode a lot this week.

So we’re riding down to an area called Sentosa, about 30 minutes from home, and it starts pouring rain.  I mean raining hard enough that we probably weren’t visible on the road, so we camped out for an hour or so before heading out again.  It was still raining hard, but at least we could see where we were going.  We had an appointment in Sentosa at 6:30 p.m. with the Ting family; the family that actually has hope of progressing and I really want them to.  Anyway, we get to Sentosa a bit early and contact for a while to no avail, then head down to the Tings over in Sentosa Utara.  Well, when we get there no one is home, but that’s ok because the Mr. Ting works a lot and we thought he was just late.  After a few minutes, a car drove up to their gate, opened the gate, and the people walked inside.  Problem was these people were not the Tings.  So me and Elder Lim were like, “Oh, no.  We’ve been dropped, or fooled, or the Tings were squatting at that house during our last appointment.”  Well, we knocked the door, a lady answered, and we started talking about the Tings.  Turns out they only rent that house every now and then and they moved.  Yep, they moved!  Now we had confirmed this appointment just 30 minutes earlier and they didn’t mention anything about being in a different house.  After a long talk we had a rough idea of where they live now so off we went.  We called them on our way and they were like, “Oh yeah, sorry about not mentioning that.  Come over still.”

So we went, and went and went.  When we thought we’d gone too far, we went to call them again only to discover that neither of us had the phone.  It was Elder Lim’s day to carry the phone so I was relieved that I didn’t do it!  We rode back to the other house and then retraced our steps for about 45 minutes.  We eventually gave up and decided to press on and find the appointment.  And boom, we find it!  Actually Elder Lim found it after I ran over in it a puddle of mud.  Lim slammed on his brakes, causing me to do the same.  For your benefit, here’s a short lesson on bicycle physics.  Question: What happens if you press on your rear brake in a puddle of mud?  Answer: You fishtail out of control and into traffic.  Question: What happens if you slam on your front brake?  Answer: You flip over the handle bars into a puddle of mud.  Question:  What happened in this case?Answer: I almost flipped over the handle bars and fishtailed into the road in front of an approaching car.  I ended up straddling the frame (that really hurts!) but I lived to tell about it and didn’t get any mud on me, but we did find the phone! . . . broken!   More bad news.  We never found the appointment, and still haven’t been able to contact the Tings. I’m calling again tonight.  We’ll see how that goes.

Looking complacently from a Buddhist temple over the nasty river

So Lim is on a visa run today, and I’m kicking it with Vance and Aikens.  There is an Iban baptism tonight so that will pretty much take up most of our P-day.  We are encouraged to support converts by going to their baptism.

Batman vs. The White Ninja (Pingel vs. Vance)

Here’s another story about finding appointments.  Last Thursday me and Lim set up two appointments, which is awesome.  Usually one a week is our max, but two in one day?!?! Sweet.  So, we go to meet the first lady, but she’s pretty sketchy because she told us to meet her at a place different than where she lives.  Well, we were at the spot, and after 20 minutes of waiting, we decided to leave.  Just then she walked up and we followed her to her parents’ house.  It should have been a good lesson, but she was a strong Catholic and I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was just humoring us and didn’t actually want to listen. We haven’t heard back from her since.  Then, the second appointment.  We were sure he was good — a solid contact from the sisters.  He told us to meet him downtown by night market.  It’s a bunch of hawker stalls that sell food and basically anything.  So we were there and called him, he told us to walk towards a shoe store we were close to.  Right as we got there, he told Lim that he saw us and promptly hung up.  After 45 minutes of waiting for this tool, we gave up and left.  Now that’s a way to mess with someone you don’t want to see.  Have them go a long way from home, then tell them that you can see them and hang up!  Then don’t answer your phone and hang them out to dry.  That’s how it’s done.  Needless to say, the work has been hard this week.  But, the Church is true! Even in Malaysia.  Especially here.  People here need the gospel so badly.  So, so bad.

We discovered this abandoned karate dojo atop a building while exploring in Sibu

Oh yeah, yesterday we visited a less active member.  Turns out he hasn’t been to Church in 10 years.  He said he always wanted to come talk to us whenever he’d see us in the distance, but never had the courage.  Come to find out, he’s moved around so much that his records aren’t in Sibu, so no one actually knew he was less active except his less active mom whom we visited on a whim from our branch President.  It was inspired!

The Church is true everyone!  Tell your friends.

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