The field is white already to harvest

January 12, 2011

This week has been so dang long!  Remember how Elder Lim and I went too far to find that investigator’s house last week?  Well, on the way we saw a bunch of terrace housing (town houses) so the next day we went contacting there.  We were there for six hours in the hot sun!  And you know what came of it?  Nothing.  Five phone numbers, no return appointments, and a lot of doors slammed in my face. The next day was P-day so we didn’t go back, but on Thursday we returned, again to no avail.  However, we did have an appointment with an Indian lady.  Turns out she just wanted to tell us her view on things. She believes that all the Christian religious should come together to, and I quote, “Subdue the Islams.”  Seriously.  According to her, someone should start the Common Christian Church to Defeat the Islam Nations, the “CCCDIN”.  She’s nuts, but she did give us ice cream and that was nice.  She also invited us back sometime for homemade curry and naan.  Can!  But also cannot because she’s nuts.

Well, after that “appointment” we contacted for another three hours or so.  No use.  The next we returned for another five hours or so.  At this point, as you can imagine, I was feeling pretty down.  After 12 hours of contacting and trying to invite people to hear the most important message they can ever hear, I was rejected, mocked, and even yelled at on a few occasions.  I was done.  I was mad because I was wasting my time in Sibu on all the prideful Chinese that didn’t care enough to just tell me they didn’t want to listen.  But, I’ve been reminded that I’m just a tool in the hands of the Lord.  The Lord is the Lord and I should have remembered that.

On Saturday night, Elder Lim and I were calling some of the people we contacted.  One of the young men we met said we could come and teach him, his sister and his Dad.  I was . . .  let’s say lacking in faith at the moment and wasn’t nearly as excited as I should have been.  Monday we went over to his house a half hour late, and he wasn’t there.  We called and he said that he’d be home in 90 minutes so we contacted around his home and actually had a good deal of success.  We talked to a former J-dub [Jehovah’s Witness], and he actually seemed decently interested.  He had become disillusioned by his faith.  We’ll see if anything comes of it.  Anyway, we finally met with the first young man, and had the best lesson I’ve had since I’ve been in Sibu.  They were attentive, legitimately interested, and it was just awesome.  It’s too soon to know whether they’re keeping commitments, but just being able to teach by the Spirit and see the Lord reward our hard work with success was enough and is still enough to brighten my gloomy spirits.  The Church is true because I wouldn’t be here otherwise, nor would any of the other 50,000 missionaries around the world.

Elder Moody after a good Malaysian rain

Elder Pingel changed our water filters this week only to discover that there were no filters to change.  They were empty!  I probably have all kinds of funky stuff in my gut right now.  Unfiltered Malaysian water for over a month will do that to you.  But I feel fine. Those de-worming pills when I get home are not gonna be fun.

Elder Lim during a good Malaysian rain






So here’s a funny story that came about in our hours on contacting this week.  Those of you know me will understand that I can find strange ways to keep myself entertained.  For example, I like to make strange faces when we’re not treated nicely.  Sometimes I make a game of seeing how many times I can get a person to ask what I said.  It matters not.  Anyway, the houses here all have gates in front of them.  Knocking the gates often isn’t loud enough for people to hear, so when we find a gate with a doorbell, we’re happy.  The houses where we were contacting were nice homes so most of them had doorbells, and all the doorbells are covered with a little piece of plastic on hinges to protect the doorbell from the moisture.  Every so often, there is a gecko hiding under the plastic.  Every time, Lim flips.  He hates lizards.  We started taking bets on whether or not the doorbell would have a gecko in it.  Each time we find one, Elder Lim jumps and it’s enough to keep me smiling until the next house.  I know, not that funny, but it was very entertaining for me.  All is well, wherever the heck I am.  Sometimes I feel like Carmen Sandiego.  Where in the world is Elder Moody?  I should probably end it here.  I’m afraid I’m not funny anymore.  Love you guys!

Also can,

Elder Moody

Malaysian sign


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  1. Christine says:

    I love these photos!

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