Dog meat!

December 15, 2010

Alright, lemme essplain the subject.  We went to this Iban’s house for Kiwi’s going away dinner.  She served us all these noodles with small pieces of meat.  I grabbed a nice scoop of this meat because I’d had the noddles, and they taste a lot like engine oil.  Anyway as I’m eating the meat I gradually came to realize it’s nothing like anything I’ve had before.  One, it was really rough and didn’t break apart like most meats.  Two, it was close to flavorless.  Three, it didn’t look right.  After a little investigation, I realized I was eating dog.  Yep, I have now eaten dog. That, or rat, but probably dog and it’s not good.

Iban’s are just a different breed.  The men only work when they run out of money.  The women kick it all day, and the kids are left on their own to play with machetes or teach their roosters to fight so they can make some extra money.  I want to be an Iban.  I’m going to be one.  I already have a name for goodness sake!  It’s Dungu-dungu.  Dad, I know it sounds like a boss from Zelda, but it’s a direct translation of “moody” into Iban, so it works.  Also, Sister Helen gave me a bracelet with my Malay name on it today and a little keychain thing that says Moody on it.  My Malay name is Merah.  It means “red”.  I know, racist right?

We put another investigator on date yesterday!  Her name is Selina, and she’s really afraid to be baptized.  I think it’s because the she was tricked into being baptized a Methodist.  Her friend told her they were having a party at church and that she should bring extra clothing.  Once there, they led her into a font and dunked her without her permission. Can you imagine?  Surprise!  You’ve been made clean!  I think it was probably a lot like the Nacho Libre scene.  You know what I mean, right?

We now have seven on date for baptism.  The most Sibu has ever had in the Chinese branch.  I don’t mean to blow our horn or anything, but I’m really happy.  Elder Vance has been here a little over a month and I’ve only been here three weeks.  We work really well together.  We also work smart.  We’re also reaping the benefits of Elder Whinham’s work who is no longer here.  Being in a threesome is sweet.  Teaching is a bit different, but still good.  Elder Lim speaks Chinese almost like a native’ Vance’s is better than mine, and mine isn’t too bad.  So between the three of us we can pretty much explain everything.

Elder Kiwi left yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m.  He woke up later than he should have and ended up missing his flight.  Not good.  He had to buy another ticket but had no money so the Sibu Jaya elders had to take him money.  It ended up costing him 800 ringgit for another ticket.  Punctuality people!

Another funny story.  An elder going home from Sitiawan went AWOL.  He missed his departing interview, dinner with the mission president…all of it.  Turns out he wanted to save money, so he grabbed a ride with a member going from Sitiawan to Singapore, a 13 hour drive…in a lori!  A lori is a semi-truck.  It’s what everyone calls it.  He finally showed up around midnight.  Some missionaries!

Also can.

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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