Note from the Gordhamers

New wheels

Greetings Brother and Sister Moody,

My wife and I are senior missionaries from
 Minnesota, serving here in Sibu.  As you can see, Elder Moody is now 
in possession of a fine bike and good helmet (1,550 MR, or $505 US).

  We can tell he willl be effective here in Sibu;
 quite a change from Singapore.  Your son is speaking well as the bike shop owner was Chinese and they seemed to be conversing well.

Malaysia is unbelievable.  The Muslims run the government, the Chinese own the commerce and the Native Indians provide the low cost labor for most construction and low paying jobs.

The Church is just getting started; only a district for a year.  There are four branches in the area; three Iban Indian and one Chinese.  We have 12 missionaries (2 of which are sisters) and one senior couple.  We have Iban baptisms every week but have had only two Chinese baptisms in the past nine months we have been here.  The Chinese elders are teaching more now but the Chinese (wealthy for the most part) have been slow in Asia to accept the Gospel (except in Singapore where many young/student Chinese join in great numbers).  The people are wonderful, the food interesting, and the weather hot.  The elders in this zone have a great camaraderie and your son will enjoy his service here.

In some respects it is like America 60 years ago.  Elder Whinham sprained his ankle earlier today.  The doctor bill (meds, consult and x-ray) came to about $40 US. but the care is also sixties-style.

Glad to be able to help.  Having a car, we are frequently assisting the young missionaries.  It is a privilege to help, as we had four sons who served  missions and appreciated any who helped them.

Thank you for preparing and sending such a fine, bright young elder.
  He has a great attitude and will do well here; albeit, a most
 challenging area where the Church is just getting established.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Elder Gordhamer


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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