David Archuleta comes to church

November 17, 2010

Everything on this computer is in Chinese.  I can’t read a dang thing other than this web page and your emails, but I guess I really don’t need anything else right?  So, it’s all good.

Elders Martin & Moody

Transfers happened again.  I’m still in Singapore.  I love Singapore, but another transfer comes in just a few weeks and I’m pretty sure I’m outta here.  We’re getting two new Mandarin elders tomorrow.  One is a Singapore native waiting for his U.S. visa to go through.  The other is from Hong Kong.  Elder Whinham, my companion in the MTC, will be with the missionary from Singapore until he leaves.  Crazy, but good for him.  Whinham will arrive today to pick up his new companion and I’m pretty stoked to see how he’s been doing out in Sibu.

David Archuleta at Woodlands Ward, Singapore Stake (courtesy of Karlmaine Revillo)

Female Moodys, get ready for this one.  On Sunday, Elder Teng and I went to a ward at 9:00 a.m. (our assigned ward meets at 1:00 p.m.) and Teng decided to go see some members from another ward on the top floor before the meeting started.  As we were coming back downstairs, a procession was coming down the hallway.  Teng and I stopped to meet them.  I shook hands with a really short guy that looked familiar, but didn’t really think much of it until a few seconds later.  Then it hit me.  It was David Archuletta!  Yep.  He came to church and I met him.  Sadly, I didn’t get a picture but he’s a stud.  He wouldn’t let anyone take pictures in the chapel.  Cool guy.  Also, did I mention he’s tiny; 5’6” at the most.  We didn’t get to hear him sing, but come on!  What a small world.

Sunday night we were invited to a wedding of some local members.  It was super nice. After getting lost for about 20 minutes we finally arrived.  I was in a suit, and when I walked into the banquet hall, holding a wine glass with Sprite in it, I honestly felt like 00-007 or some kind of high-class businessman.  I know you’re all laughing but it’s true.  The one thing going through my head the whole time was, “I could get used to this.”  Then I remembered I’m on a mission and the thought immediately fled my mind.

They served some crazy food at the wedding – nine courses starting with shark fin soup. Nothing special, just takes like chicken…well thick chicken broth.  The Chinese lady I was sitting next to told me that the food was all legit.  Then next course was roast duck, which was awesome.  Then each person received an entire fried grouper.  I’ve seen it spelled here in Singapore as “grouper”, “groupa” and “garoupa”.  We had to leave after the fish because it was getting late so we left before they were married, but as I think about it, maybe that was only the reception.  Man, I don’t know.  I was only thinking about the food.  Can you blame me?

This week I was responsible for my companion’s mosquito bites at night.  Go figure. President Clark asked the zone leaders to split with us on a weekly basis so I know I’ll survive until transfers.

A bunch of elders from throughout the mission who are in Singapore to renew their visas stayed with us last night and it was great to meet them.  They’re great.

Elder Gottfredson was transfered to Melaka. The guy that replaced him is cool.  His name is Elder Ulrich.  He’s from Utah.  He’s been out a little over a year.  I like him a lot.

This morning we went on a 7.6 mile run through the jungle again.  Way hard but so worth it.  We stopped in a small clearing at the top of a hill to have a devotional and it was really good.  After we’d been there for a while, we started hearing noises everywhere and within a few minutes there were monkeys all around us.  They make some crazy sounds. It was fun to see all these monkeys starring at us in total confusion like, “What are all these people doing sitting on the ground in our clearing?”  Monkeys are so cool.  Emilee, you’re a monkey, so you’re cool.  So are Mary and Sam.

We have two baptisms lined up for this Saturday; Xuhaoran (guy) and Jinji (girl).  Both of them are way cool and ready to be baptized.  I’m worried about what’s going to happen after their baptized.  We really need to find some more people to teach.

My training period ends next week and then I’m a full-fledged missionary.  I can’t wait! Even though I finished all my training goals, I still had another to go.  Can you believe I’ve been in Singapore for three months!

Last week I told you about the lesson we taught at the food court at Bugis Junction when, during a lesson, a woman sat down next to us and started listening in.  We ended up teaching her a lesson as well.  Well, we’ve met with her twice now.  She came to church on Sunday, and she’s tentatively scheduled for baptism on November 27th.  Heavenly Father has blessed me again to be able to find one of his children who is prepared to receive the gospel.  All we had to do is lead her in the right direction.

The Church is true! I love being able to teach about the restored gospel, and most of all, I love you guys!  Have a good week.

Also can,

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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