2nd letter from Singapore

October 29, 2010

Hey there familial unit!

Sorry I’m such a loser and that I’ve only given you all one other handwritten letter since I’ve been in Singapore.  I’ll try to not be such a poop in the future.

Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news.  Good news – Elder Teng and I have the apartment all to ourselves for the time being.  Bad news – the only sane one in our house is now gone.  Oh well.  Should be easier to clean now!  Woot, woot!

So what’s been going on in Singapore?  Well, let’s see.  We just sent home a group of six elders; my previous zone leader, Rothwell, was among them.  He was so cool.  Also, another missionary with a very funny story went home.  This particular unnamed missionary had “yellow fever” so bad that he had to be transferred to Malaysia.  I guess he would contact Asian girls he thought were cute or something.  Don’t worry about me getting yellow fever.  I’ve been inoculated.

I wrote Bo Ellsworth a letter today.  I miss that guy.  I hope he’s doing well.  Actually, I hope everyone is good.  Zac and Hayden are the only ones I regularly hear from.  By the way, is Chris Bender in Thailand yet?  If so, I have a few referrals for him.

I’m finally almost done training!  After six months I’ll finally be a full-fledged missionary!  Boom, baby!  Oh yeah, The Emperor’s New Groove is on the approved movie list this quarter.  I’m stoked.

Here’s a particularity about me.  I have an extremely difficult time writing the letter “w”.  Especially lower case.  I think it’s because if I write it fast, it looks like a long “u”.  So whenever I have to write a “w” my pen stops right at the top of the first stroke and I have to actually use energy to force myself to finish it.  Honestly!  Look at most of the “w’s” I’ve written; they’re always a bit of a blot right at the start.  I can’t fix it either.  Crap, I’m weird.  Geez, for real.  I feel like I have OCD or something.  Darn you dad!  Mom, I don’t blame you.  It’s definitely from the Moody side.

I recently discovered that our house here is littered with interesting books, especially the scripture student manuals.  I’ve been devouring the Doctrine and Covenants Study Manual as of late.  It’s so good.  Prophets are smart guys.

We started deep cleaning the house today.  We discovered that the bedroom hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in at least a year.  How do we know?  Because we found two women’s blouses.  They belonged to the sisters that lived here . . . over a year ago!  I also found a necklace hanging on the mirror from a year ago.  Can you say “re-gift”?  Mom, Mary or Emi, this thing is coming to one of you.  Be prepared!  (Say that like it’s sung in Mulan.)

Okay, so I got the package with all of the music I asked for.  You’re incredible.  And it came at the absolute perfect time.  Rothwell went home, Harvey got transferred and I’ve been left with King Teng (pronounced “Tung”) the Terrible.  So I wasn’t having too great a time of things, but then yesterday I got the awesome package and then found out that Elder Kelley and Gottfredson (whom we call Elder Gott) are moving in with us.

So I’m heading back to Kuala Lumpur in about a month.  By the time you get this letter I’ll have been on my mission for five months.  Can you believe that?  By December, I’ll be a quarter of the way finished.  Holy cow!  Mary, we’ll be at BYU together in no time.

So right now I’m listening to Inside Out Primary songs and they’re making me so happy.  Maybe I’ll do the personal letter thing again.  Here it goes:

Mary Alice

Where to begin with you?  Well, you’re just amazing.  You’re like royalty at Chey-town, right?  Thought so.  You’re a great example to Sam and Emi, and gorgeous.  How did you get all the looks in the family?  Well, actually not all of them.  I think maybe you, Sam and Emi split up my share in the spirit world (which would explain a lot).

Elder Teng decided he wants to marry a white girl who was born in (the Year of the Chicken; i.e., January 23,1993 to February 9, 1994); speaks Chinese, plays piano, sings, is 5’6”, skinny and is a model.  He won’t settle for anything less.  I told him he might as well start buying cats now.  He didn’t get it.  He also told me he wants to walk-on to the BYU football team.  I told him that not even the birth of my first child would keep me from seeing him get smashed by a linebacker.  He took it as a compliment.  Still unsure as to how.

Mary, the Church is true.  Never let anything take that knowledge from you.  The kind of things God can do for you is amazing.  He’s been increasing my love for the people of Singapore so much that I honestly feel heartbroken when someone rejects the message of the gospel.  There’s no way I could have don that myself.

I love you and miss you so much.  After living with you for so long, no one really seems very funny anymore.  Darn you for having such a goofy personality!

Samuel Ferrin

Heeeeeeeey, brother.  If you have ever loved me, I need you to immediately tackle Mary and tickle her relentlessly.  I’ll give you some time …  …  …  Good.  All done?  Thank you.  Mom, Dad, that was my fault.  But just try punishing me.  I’m on the other side of the globe!  Wait.  Actually don’t try.  I just got a little scared.  I’m sincerely sorry.

Well Sam, my little high school hero.  How’s Cheyenne treating you?  Have you had any of my teachers yet?  What about lacrosse?  Let me tell  you, I miss it.  I’d play a little but I lack a stick, which is key.  Maybe you guys can send me over one for my birthday.  Just put a stamp on the shaft of the stick and put the head in a box.  I’m such a pain.

Are you making a list of things for us to do when I get back?  You’d better be.  And it had better be littered with games and sports and camping.  Do it!

I need you to tell me everything you’ve been up to.  Leave out no details.  Love you, Sam.  Remember to keep the gospel as the single most important thing in your life and you’ll be fine.

Emilee Joyce

Emi.  I think I might miss you the most of all.  I need my baby sister.  I don’t think I know of anyone as caring as or as sweet as you.  Momma Dee is teaching you well.  Make things easier for her, okay?

Emmers, you’re in middle school?!!  That’s crazy.  I still very clearly remember middle school, especially the carpools.  Interesting, aren’t they?  Does Dad still listen NPR every morning when he drives?  He made me love public radio by doing that.

How are your teachers?  Any good ones?  Or bad ones?  Or crazy ones?  Tell me all about it.  What’s your favorite class?  Mine was always science in middle school.  Ooh!  How’s the cello coming?  I’m so jealous that you’re learning to play.  We’ll have to play a sweet duet when I get back, or we can have a quartet.  Sam on trumpet, Mary singing (or on guitar), dibs on piano, and you on cello.  How cool would that be?!!

Well little one, like I said, I miss you a ton.  A dang ton.  Anything you would like me to send you from my half of the world?  Anything can.  Anything.  I love you more than I can say, Emilee.  Listen to Mom and Dad.  Just be a good girl, okay?  Love you!

Well, Mom and Dad, it’s just the two of you left.  Only a few specific things.  Mom, I miss your doodling a lot.  The last letter with the little flower on it made me happy.

Dad, don’t give yourself a heart attack jumping off the Stratosphere.  Thanks to both of you for everything you taught me.  Well, Teng is rushing me out the door and I’d rather sent this sooner than later.  I expect a reply from everyone!

I love you all so much.  The Church is true.  Stay true to the faith, no matter what.

Also can,

Elder Moody

P.S.  I decided to conform to Singlish culture so I’ll be ending all my letters with “also can” from now on.


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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One Response to 2nd letter from Singapore

  1. Sis Stelter says:

    WoW Elder Moody!! You rock on your letters! I live to read them and brings such a warm feeling in my heart to hear you with your family! Amazing how close you all are! The Moodys rock! Keep up the good work! LQQk foward to your next letter!

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