Mad sword skills & another baptism

October 27, 2010

Let’s just right into it.  Last week, I ran into this girl at a place called Toa Payoh.

Toa Payoh

She approached me on the street and said she wanted to learn more about the last days.  I was thinking, “Perfect!” Wrong!  She’s nuts.  She kept telling me she was some kind of she-cat thing and that she had the gift of prophesy and healing, and gave generous examples for each.  Nuts!  Also, she asked me to ask President Monson what job she should have.  Even after I explained personal revelation and such, she kept asking. Total nutter.  There are tons of them.

Besides nutters, there are a lot of old people.  And here’s a peculiar thing about Chinese people.  They don’t age quickly, until they hit about 60.  So an Asian looks around 30 until they hit 60.  Then suddenly, they look 120!  Anyway, all the old people can’t get normal jobs so they sell tissues outside of malls or they pick up garbage with salad tongs at parks.


Jimmy way baptized this week!  It was so cool.  We learned three days before we baptized him that he’s 30, not 25; he’s married; and has a son back in China.  Hopefully, he’ll stay strong and convert his family.  Way cool guy.  Also, this girl — Aser (not our investigator) — was baptized.  She has a mild case of OCD, and will not let people touch her back.  So the guy baptizing her just let her hold onto his arm and she dunked herself.  She also had to put the hands of the brethren who confirmed her on her head.  She said if she didn’t do it then she wouldn’t know that they “exist” and it freaks her out.  Very funny.

So I taught three or four lessons without Elder Teng this week.  At one point, when I was teaching this girl, with a member there in Elder Teng’s place, I taught her about God and she asked, “How can I know that for myself?”  I actually laughed a little because it was the perfect question to lead into my next point.  The Spirit leads lessons much better than I do.

When we were walking through Bugis yesterday, Elder Teng walked by a weight lifting exhibit, grabbed a sit-up machine and started doing curls with it.  I was cracking up and he had no idea why.  You have to respect the kinda guy that just goes for it, right?  He’s been trying to bulk up and he decided that the best way to do it is to eat a ton of beef.  So he bought like four pounds and just goes at it every now and then.  He heard from someone that a raw egg is good for you, but he thought that it would taste better with milk, so he mixed two raw eggs in a glass of milk and then drank it.  He almost threw up. It took some work, but I convinced him he had salmonella and was probably going to start losing his hair.  It was great.

Yesterday I saw a Maserati parked outside the 7-Eleven by our house.  And I wasn’t surprised . . . at all.  Everyone here has a nice car.  I see a Lamborghini every other day or so.

We taught an investigator to pray the other day who then they agreed to give the closing prayer.  It went like this: “Heavenly Father . . . thankful . . . ask thee . . . health . . . happiness . . . name of Jesus, amen.”  We had to explain it is not a set prayer and that you just need to express the desires of your heart.  It was funny but it was also a sincere little prayer.

The Young Single Adults gave each missionary companionship a care package.  It wasn’t anything special, but just getting something from the ward made us feel so loved.  I was so happy for the rest of the day.

There is a member in our ward named James.  He told us a few days ago that he was mad when they opened a new MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) stop because it made him late for work.  So he cursed it with the priesthood.  Now that single stop isn’t working.  How do you tell someone that he didn’t cause that without offending him?  I don’t know either.  I just didn’t reply.  He told us this story while Elder Teng was reciting the first vision.

Elder Schone – Master Swordsman

Monday night, Elder Schone was telling us that he is a master swordsman, so Teng gave him a broom stick, and Schone just went after it.  It was hilarious.  In the midst of his swinging, he broke a piece of the chandellier.  So great.  I haven’t laughed that hard my entire mission.

We went on another morning run with President Clark on Monday.  It just about killed me.  Six miles through the jungle, and I ran hard.  It was beautiful.  We saw some monkeys on the way, and when I got too close it hissed at me.  Funny looking little thing.

Well that’s about all this week.  Sorry it was so scattered, but I’m a bit pressed for time.

I have felt the Lord strengthing me so much this past week with the language, patience, and everything.  I love the gospel so much.  Repentance is an incredible mercy we’ve been extended and I find out more and more every day how important it is that we preach it to everyone.  I love you all!

Elder Moody


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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