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October 20, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Star Train (LRT)

Well I’ll be honest, I’m out of funny things to say.  Fresh out.  I’ll start out by telling you about the day I left Kuala Lumpur.  As we were about to leave for the LRT (Light Rail Transit), this guy said, “Hey, Elders!”  So we turned around and there was this dude dressed in all black, about 35, overweight, and sweating profusely.  Turns out he was in Malaysia for some kind of hackers conference.  He works for the U.S. Government and told us all about his exploits.  (Kyal, I’m betting you know him.)  He was such a goof.  He bought us all drinks and then paid for our taxi to the Petronas Twin Towers so we could catch our bus to Singapore.  He told us all about his different jobs and his multiple degrees and then showed us his official Passport, which was actually kinda legit.  It had this page that basically kept him exempt from any legal trouble in any country.  All I could think the whole time I was talking to this guy was, “Yeah, Kyal has done that.  Yeah, Kyal can do that.  And yeah, I’ll bet Kyal’s secret job is basically the same thing.”  The only downside was that this guy wasn’t funny at all and it made me miss the Cali Moodys.  Kyal, I need the second installment.  Here’s a shout out to those in the States:  Whaddup ya’ll?!?!  Love you guys.

Last night I taught a lesson in Indonesian.  I was on splits with Elder Schone and he told me a few words and phrases before we got there.  Dad, remember in my setting apart how you told me that I’d be able to communicate with those whose language I don’t speak? Boom.  Fulfilled.  She couldn’t understand my words I’m sure, but the Spirit taught her exactly what I wanted to say.  It was so cool.  Also, Indos are tiny.  She was borderline 5 foot and maybe 85 pounds.

So… I’m headed back to KL the end of November and I want to do some Christmas shopping there.  I can get purses, Ray Bans, Rolexes, Armani, soccer jerseys — basically anything for super cheap.  Just tell me what you want and I’ll get it.  Also laser pens — those greens ones you have to be 18 to order.  They go like two miles in clear sky.  Sam, you might want one.  Seriously, let me know and I’ll send it.

I know I sound selfish, but here’s some music I’d like you to send.  All is appropriate and approved.  I checked, so don’t sweat it.  InsideOut A Capella.  They do Church music a capella.  Get the album with Popcorn Popping on it.  Or just get a few, both can…  Oh my gosh, I really just said “both can.”  [Singlish.]  That was an accident.  My English is going so far downhill so fast, it’s scary.  John Schmidt, too.  Some upbeat, happy stuff.  Mmmhmmm.  Then some Vitamin String Quartet.  They do popular songs but only with violin, cello, viola and bass.  Have Mary and Sam pick out a good album for me.  Or two.  Also, rip them to the computer, then send me the CDs.  I’ll send back my iPod and then you can update it and send it back so I can to take it to Malaysia when I go.  I know.  A lot of work…  If that’s too much just send the CDs and I’ll be good to go.

So we found out transfers yesterday!  Everyone is staying except Schone and Harvey. Harvey is going to Butterworth in northern Malaysia and Schone is going to KL.  I guess I have more to learn from Teng.  He hasn’t gotten any easier to deal with, but I think I’ve become more tolerant…  I’ve decided that humility and meekness are what I should be learning from this companionship.  Also diligence.  Elder Teng is extremely diligent.  Any laziness I had is going out the window, which makes me a bit sad, cuz lazy is kinda one of my defining qualities.  At least sleeping a lot — which I miss more than anything.  Sleep is key, but not in missionary work.  Have you ever been tired for four-and-a-half straight months?  Yes?  No?  Well, it’s terrible, but also strangely rewarding.

Well, it’s only ben four days since the last e-mail so this is a bit short.

Lime juice drink

Before I go, lemme tell you about lime juice. Imagine lemonade, then make it lime flavored and 1,000 times more satisfying, especially after being outside contacting all day.  So good.  Sadly, it seems like only Indians make it so I don’t get it often.

I love you all so much.  The Church is true.  We have a loving, living Heavenly Father.  A living prophet.  And miracles occur everyday.  We just need to be looking for them.  Have a good week!  Don’t forget your Christmas list that I’ll get in KL and my music, k?  Love you :)

P.S.  Look up info on the Iban race; they’re the native Malay headhunters from Borneo and missionaries teach them all the time.  I hope I get to at some point.


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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