First baptism!

September 29, 2010

Zhang Xia Fan

I had a baptism this week!  Her name is Zhang Xia Fan.  The first time I met her was in the font.  It went really well.  Her foot came up on the first try, but I stepped on it the second time and that solved the problem. It’s extremely humbling to baptize someone.  To realize that we can be given authority on earth to act in the name of God is incredible.  It was even better to be able to stand in on her confirmation.  I didn’t understand most of it, but I caught enough to know that what was said was the will of the Lord.  It was an amazing experience.

My training is going swimmingly.  I have to teach the zone leaders each lesson in Chinese to finish and I did the first one today.

I don’t know if I told you, but I had jackfruit last week. It’s a big greenish-brown ball and it smells like there’s a dead animal inside that has been decomposing for at least a month; far worse than a durian, but it tastes surprisingly good.  It’s sweet but kinda slimey and has an awesome aftertaste.  I have eaten so much this last week it’s dusgusting.  Two buffets in three days.  So good, but so fat!  I need to be transferred to a biking zone.

We got to help an inactive member, “Sky”, move yesterday.  What an interesting culture. When they get a little tired, they take a break, grab a soda, and wait until they feel good again.  They were amazed that I just kept moving things until it was done.  Dad, Mom, thanks for teaching me to work hard.  It’s one of the best traits a person can have.

Mary, you sound like a super star!  You’re doing so dang much.  Geez.  BYU is gonna be all over you!  Keep up the good work. You’ll make so many friends up there.  Also, have fun!  You’re a senior!  That’s so crazy.  I can hardly believe it.  Sorry I haven’t sent any fat Asian baby pics home yet.  Those little buggars are hard to catch on film.  They’re fat, but fast.  I love you!

Sam, why are you such a stud?  Keep your distance from the girls.  They’re bad news before the mish.  And Freshman Lord?  Holy cow!  Way to be!  Represent!  Sounds like every Moody sibling has to one-up what his\her immediate older sibling did.  I wonder if every family is like that.  Love you man!

Emi, don’t be afraid of getting teeth pulled!  Remember when I locked you in Mom’s bathroom until you pulled your tooth out?  And when you finally did, it was no big deal?  I bet this’ll be the same way.  If you don’t let yourself get worked up, you’ll be just fine.  You sound like you’re doing great in middle school.  You’re such a little pro.  I’m glad you like the robe.  Hopefully it’ll help with your Halloween costume.  I love you!

Let me know if there is anything else I can send you from here, clothes or the like.

I have a few requests, and all are music related.  In preparation for Christmas, I would like a couple Warburton family Christmas CDs, all of our Manheim Steamroller stuff, and anything else you can possibly send.  I plan on starting Christmas early, probably mid-November.  I also hope I’m still in Singapore for Christmas.  I guess all the elders stay the night at the mission home and then open presents and just have an awesome day.  Now that seriously sounds fun!

The work is going forward, not quickly, but it’s going.  Singaporeans really don’t want to hear the gospel.  And, if they’re already Christians, it’s even worse.  Did I tell you about the Pentecostal Apostolic Church of Singapore?  They’re nuts.  They think that every time you feel the Spirit you have to speak in tongues or it’s of the devil.  They base their entire religion on one verse of scripture in John and disregard the rest of the Bible.  There’s also a church where people go and act like animals for an hour and then go home.  Nuts.  Most of our success comes from Chinese students.  Even though the government teaches them that God doesn’t exist, students are more open to hearing about Jesus Christ.

As I learn more about Elder Teng, I find myself to be more understanding of our differences.  I am definitely learning to have more patience.

One last thing.  I catch people taking pictures of me all the time, especially Indians.  Usually I end up posing for them, like doing a thumbs-up or making a really goofy face.  Maybe one day someone will look at their photo and think, “I should be baptized.”  Well, I can dream, can’t I?

Love you all!  Have a good week.  I ate at a Japanese buffet today and paid for it using only change I’ve accumulated since I’ve been here.  Sweet!


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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3 Responses to First baptism!

  1. Kelli Ross says:

    I don’t know how you’re doing it but if I had to eat that food (like Jackfruit) I would actually be skinny again. Perhaps you can go on that show where the guy goes all over the world eating weird food. You would be great at it! Congrats on the Baptism. Sounds like things are going the way the Lord would have them go. I especially like how you’re ‘posing’ for all the pics! You’re going to be famous one day and all those people will rememer that they took a picture of this really adorable red head and it will be you!!!
    All our Best!
    Kelli Ross

  2. Sister Debbie Campbell says:

    Congratulations Elder Moody on your 1st baptism, 5 weeks in is pretty awesome. My oldest son Matthew Kimberlin served his mission in Nagoya Japan & converting the orientals is not an easy thing. Their religious beliefs go back almost to the beginning of time. If I have my information correct, the 1st Hong Kong Temple President was from here (one of his kids lived in our ward @ the time), he lived near the Las Vegas Temple. Anyway, when he returned he & his wife gave a talk @ a singles fireside & the main focus of his talk was genealogy. He pointed out that the people of the orient have personal written records that go back for centuries. He even presented us with a printout of one of the brethren whose genealogy goes all the way back to Adam & Eve. I personally was truly amazed. So I have 1 piece of advice when trying to reach out to that culture, teaching them about the importance of genealogy as a main part of our church could very well spark their interest.

    May the Lord Bless you & your companion in all your endeavors.
    Again congratulations!
    Sister Debbie Campbell

  3. Kandace Lim says:

    Jackfruits and durians look dead awful but the taste so heavenly.. you won’t even believe it. Then again, when it comes to these tropical fruits, you either love it or just really really hate it. I LOVE DURIANS but my brothers think they stink. Moody family, you guys have to make a trip to Singapore and try it out for yourself (: it’s amazing stuff.

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