11th (and last) e-mail from the MTC

August 23, 2010

Sister Ith sleeping

Well, now that I’m leaving, I suddenly feel like I havent been here long enough. ‘My Chinese isn’t ready, I’m not gospel savvy and I still  have a million questions.  But in four hours, I’m out.  I’m basically all packed up now.  This laundry will be the last thing I have to do.  I also have to leave a bunch of stuff here, nothing essential of course, but some pens and supplies and toiletries will have to stay if I want to stay under the weight limit.  And I definitely don’t want to pay for going one pound over; that’d be some buhao.

Mary I have to ask, why were you Kelsey and Crystal covered in paint in the driveway?  You’re a goof.
I’m sending home some papers that I don’t need, including some notes I’ve taken and my planners that I’ve used up.  Mom, I thought you might like to have the planner.  You’re always into that kind of thing right?  I cannot wait to talk to everyone tonight.  Seriously, I can’t.
Thanks for the encouragement on the Chinese.  I know it might sound good, but I still sound really white.  My language goal for the end of my mission is to be able to talk on the phone with an Asian and have them not think I’m white.  That makes sense, right?  Honestly, my English is really suffering.  Not even kidding.  I used the wrong “there” three times yesterday when taking notes.  That’s my number one pet peeve, and I did it and didn’t even catch it at first.
Everything else is great.  I’m stoked to catch up on 3 months worth of sleep on the plane.  Ooh, apparently in Singapore right now it’s the Hungry Ghost Festival.  People believe that spirits are free to roam around for a couple weeks so they put food and stuff on the street so the ghosts can eat it.  They leave the first row of seating open for spirits.  Weird stuff right?  I CAN’T WAIT!  The food, the people, the culture, errthing.
Mom, I cracked up at the “our hood” picture.  Wo ai nimen.
Alsio, someone tell Cynthia Sun that I did write her back, the letter must have gotten lost.  Just say, Elder Moody loves you and he’ll see you in a few years or something to that effect.
Elder Moody

About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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3 Responses to 11th (and last) e-mail from the MTC

  1. Sister Patterson says:

    Elder Moody, have a safe flight and wave as you pass over
    Africa!!! You are awesome.

  2. Kelli Ross says:

    Have a wonderful mission! We will be thinking of you often.

  3. Christine says:

    Yeah Elder MOOOOOOOOODY! Go and teach the world about the Savior!
    We love you, Mechams

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