20th letter from the MTC

August 12, 2010

Just got some new DearElders.  Here are the responses:


I’m glad you appreciate my sense of style.  Not many do.  Even less realize that it has only come about after 19 years of careful study.  My style combines Renaissance fashion, 80s disco and New Age hip-hop into one, ultimate, trendy, super-look.  Thank you for recognizing my contributions.

I’m sorry Nika didn’t make the team.  :(  Good for her for literally “getting back on the horse.”  Oh man, I’m punny today.

McKenna sounds like she’s super talented.  The same way Emilee is.  They can just do whatever they want and excel.  All the Moody talent tends to pool at the bottom.  She sounds like a busy bee!

Keep it up, cousins!  I love you!  It’s so cool that you’re finding out about your family history.  Since getting here, stories about my ancestors have seemed so interesting.  Cool stuff.  Tell Kyal that I hope Joppel goes up without any bugs.  I love you all a lot!  Can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures in Singapore.  The Church is true!  Love you.

Mù Zhǎnglǎo

Grandpa & Grandma

Okay, those stories about Mexico were so cool!  Let me start by being thankful you were watched over that day in Mexico City.  Without His help, I wouldn’t be here.  The pyramids sound amazing, and you’ve got more courage than me.  I could never dive off a cliff.

I didn’t know you were pre-med.  Two people in one trip?  That’s incredible.  You really were guided that day.

If it isn’t too personal, I’d like to hear more of Grandma’s escape from Germany.  If it is, no worries.  I can’t wait to have some other-country stories of my own.  I love you both!  The Church is true!  Love you.


I think about how old we are everyday.  I still don’t feel like I actually graduated from high school yet.  So weird.  Senior year . . . definitely busy.  But it’s so easy and so much fun.  You’ll flippin’ love it.

My letters must be getting around.  Who even reads them?  I mean, I know I’m popular, but not famous . . . yet.  Hey, make sure you include Sam this year.  Freshman year is rough.  Adapting is hard, but much easier when you have friends older than you.  I had Bo and all of them.  He has you.  It will be worth it, even if he is a pain at times.

Otto really hates his life, huh?  Sam and Emi will be the death of him.

Don’t send the lyrics.  Dad is right.  He always is.  I really mean that.  He’s a smart man; smart and inspired.

You slept that long?!  I am so proud.  That bed really is heavenly.  Sleeping really is a talent that few possess.  Keep it secret.  Keep it safe.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be serving a mission.  I am finally getting a true love for the scriptures.  Yesterday, I spent a full hour studying four pages in Ether.  Then we discussed it as a class for 35 minutes.  It was so cool.

I love you, Mary.  I’ve decided that we’re gonna live really close when we grow up.  Our kids will play together and then get in fights, then be best friends again.  It’s gonna be awesome!  Love you.


That’s all.  Love you!  I’ll send off pictures tomorrow.  (Or whenever they actually print.)

I love you all!  Emilee and Sam, write me letters!!!



About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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