16th letter from MTC

August 3, 2010

Herro beroved famiry:

This week was nuts.  I can’t even describe how insane it was.  We gained a sister, lost an elder, a call got changed (not mine; stop freaking out Mom), and I got another new companion.

The new sister is Sister Ith, a Singapore native.  I think I already told you about her, but this was the first week she was really part of our district.  She fits in perfectly, and she already speaks Chinese, so she’s super helpful.  That was really the only good change we had.

Thursday afternoon, Elder X went home.  We were told it was for personal issues; I think he just couldn’t handle it.  No one in his family has finished a mission.  One of his brothers didn’t go, another was in the MTC for just one day before he gave up.  It’s sad to see a bad example have such an influence, especially when it’s for such a life-changing event.

I was surprised to discover that his leaving was so hard on me.  I didn’t enjoy his company or have anything in common with him.  In fact, he’s a little nuts.  But I was devastated.  Thinking about all of the people of Malaysia who won’t hear the restored gospel because he lacked the resolve to follow-through on a commitment kills me.  They need it.  The people half-way across the world need it every bit as much as we do.  I guess I’ve already come to love them without ever them.

His leaving brought the number of elders going to Malaysia down to two, leaving one open spot.  Due to health reasons, Elder Lee found out this week that he needs to have his mission transferred.  He can’t ride a bike because if he does he’ll probably need to have surgery which is definitely a mission-ender, so he’s being transferred to a car mission (most likely state side).  But hey, there’s a gap to fill in Singapore, and Singapore itself isn’t a biking mission…I can hope, right?

So yeah, it’s been an insane week.  Elder Chung is my companion again and Elder Whinham still is so now we’re in a threesome.  I call us the Triforce (with obvious Zelda connotations).  I was/am happy to have Chung back.  Now we just need to get Whinham’s Chinese up to speed in three weeks.  That’ll be a miracle if that happens.  Through prayer, all things are possible, right?

I love you all!  I have to go check mail now.  Because that’s my duty as district leader.  I’m a glorified mail carrier.  But hey, an assignment is an assignment, right?

Keep talking to me ya’ll.  Tell Emi to tell me about her cello.  It’s one of my favorite instruments easily.  That’s so cool that she’s learning.

President & Sister Uchtdorf

OH MY GOSH!  I JUST SHOOK PRESIDENT UCHTDORF’S HAND!!!  Elder Lee ran into the laundry room, grabbed me and said, “Trust me, come here right now.”  So I did.  We walked outside and an apostle of the Lord was taking pictures with two missionary-aged guys who didn’t have name tags on.

So about 20 of us were kind of just watching, then he turned around and shook all of our hands!  I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Thanks, President.”  Oh man, that was so dang cool.  Totally made my P-day.  Oh, and I was wearing a purple shirt and those bright blue shorts I brought.  Plus, I have red hair.  I bet I looked like a clown.  Maybe he’ll remember the red head elder serving in the Traveling Circus Tent Mission.  (One can only hope!)

This is the same outfit (without the glasses) he was wearing when he met President Uchtdorf

Oh man, good day.  Brother Beck gave me a big hug from Dad and it was just cool.  No one hugs you here, so it just made my day 1,000 times better.  I seriously loved it.

I love you!


P.S.  I tried to print pictures, but the machines are all broken.  I’ll probably send home the memory card some time this week.


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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