8th e-mail from MTC

August 2, 2010

Oh.  My.  Gosh!  And I thought last week was crazy.  So, as an overview, Elder X went home; Sister Ith is officially part of our district; Elder Lee is getting his mission changed;Elder Chung is my companion again; Whinham still is; and I’m district leader. And all of that happened in about 3 days time.

So…. Elder X has been having a hard time since he got here.  He spent all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in interviews with the MTC presidency.  Then Thursday, Gao Zhanglao (one of his best friends since high school) came back to the classroom looking like he was about to cry.  Elder X went home.  Supposedly, it was for personal reasons.  I guess he just couldn’t handle it.  But, he did last longer than either of his brothers that came to the MTC.  One of them only made it one day.  Being an example is more important than anyone thinks.  So that left Elder Chung without a companion, so they put him with me and Whinham.

I call us the Triforce (an obvious Zelda reference).  But dealing with Elder Y is still hard. He just doesn’t understand how to behave in public, he’s just like a little kid.  We’ve been trying to help him a lot, but he has so much to catch up on…  It will honestly take a miracle.  Also, due to medical problems, Elder Lee is getting his mission changed. Probably stateside, but I’m hoping that he fills the gap X left in Singapore.  When X left I didn’t think I’d care.  In fact, I thought I’d be happy; he was only bringing the district down, but it killed me.  When I thought of all the people of Malaysia that won’t be taught the gospel because he couldn’t keep a commitment…  That’s unfair.  Maybe he was mentally unstable or something.  It also makes me sad that he’s missing out on this experience.  But people have their agency I guess.

Oh, I found out yesterday that I’m the new district leader.  So that’s pretty cool.  Basically, I’m a glorified mail carrier.  That and I have a couple hours of meetings on Sunday, but I’m pretty used to those by now.  It’s cool though.  I’ll get the chance to better the district and improve my leadership skills as well.  Oh, on that subject, our district totally got into it on Saturday during weekly planning.  It started fine, but then Qian Laoshi started planching us for no reason whatsoever (yep it’s one word — well now it is) and that put all of us in a sour mood.  So we started planning and no one would say anything, at all.   Chung and I were the only ones who contributed.  So I got frustrated and called everyone out on it, which made them all mad at me, drove away the spirit, and just wasn’t good.
But we got it all settled down and now we’re good again.  Just remember that the Spirit cannot dwell amidst contention.  It was the worst I’ve felt since being here.  I need to have the Spirit with me or I can’t do anything.

Sister Ith gave me a food list of things I have to eat in Singapore.  I’ll type it up cuz I’m taking it with me.  By the way, I’ve never heard of most of these things:

Char kway teow
Hokkien mee
Prawn Mee
Mee pok
Ban Mian
Nasi lemak
Tang yuan (sesame)
Nasi Briyani
Ice kachang (chendol flavour)
Dim sum
Roti prata and curry
Koptiam bread kueh (only from bengawan solo – kueh lapis, angku kueh, kueh salat, and colourful kueh)
Dao hui
You tiao
Muah chee
Chicken rice
Duck noodles
Char siew rice
Sugar cane juice (a must have)
Yang zhoin fried rice
Portugese egg tarts
Chicken porridge
Wonton mee
Fried egg cake
Oyster omlette
Pandan cake

And thats all.  I have a few minutes left, get back to me quick!  Love you.
It’s so cool that you met Ryan Beck.  Well he’s Bao Laoshi, I think.  That’s how I know him.  He’s awesome.  And about the Napkin Chronicles…  I’m sorry.  :(  I’ll try to start up again.  I’m gonna go get some pictures printed this week.  I’ll send ’em home.


Mu Zhanglao


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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