14th letter from MTC

July 21, 2010

Hey everyone!

This is just gonna be a short letter to let you know I’m doing well.  Dealing with some of the changes, however, has definitely been a trial, but the Lord is blessing me with patience and understanding.

I worry that some of the elders in our district aren’t progressing with the language like they should.  Newer elders are already ahead of some of them.  I also find that some are struggling to pray and testify in Chinese.  I don’t know how I can help them.  I can’t figure it out.  I can’t speak to them in Chinese because they don’t understand me.  I can’t teach them because they won’t listen, and they get offended if I speak to them about it.  Pray for them, because if we don’t see a miracle, I’m afraid they are really going to struggle once we leave the MTC.

I’m doing awesome though.  I’m ready (almost) to teach the 2nd discussion, alone, and I feel the Spirit often when I teach.  It’s amazing.

Man, keep sending me DearElders.  I love getting them.  Mom, and now I can almost appreciate how well you raised me.  Thanks to you, I thing I’m pretty well-rounded.  You didn’t shelter me too much, but at the same time, you made sure my actions were in line with the gospel.  You pretty much performed a modern miracle, and I love you for it.

Mary.  Holy cow!  I really hope that my testimony can be as strong as yours someday.  The way that letter read made you sound like a prophetess or something.  You’re amazing.  I knew that you were, but your testimony really drives the knowledge home.  Don’t lose that, okay?  You’re a dang inspiration.  Help Sam and Emilee to get that strength in the gospel.

Well, you all start school at about the same time that I leave for Singapore!  This is going to be an eventful end to the summer, huh?  Mary, enjoy senior year.  It blows by so fast.  Sam, same goes for you.  You too, Emilee.  I loved middle school.

Emi, your monk is in this envelope.  I hope you like it!

I love you all!  Send me a package with a bunch of random food and stuff.


P.S.  Girls Camp sounded amazing.  I love the service project you all did.

P.P.S.  I can’t wait to get to Singapore so I can send you all cool stuff.


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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