7th e-mail from MTC

July 19, 2010

Alright!  I have officially made it more than half way.  And it’s not been easy.  Let’s take some time to remember things from mthe past weeks…  Whinham, the gremlin.  Chung, the Airbender.  Well, that was fun!  Anywho, it’s been a rough week.  Everything up to Thursday was awesome.  But on Thursday, we had eight hours of class with no breaks, except lunch.  But then, they expect us to study alone for three hours after that.  I’m physically and mentally incapable of focusing that intently for so long.  I’m pretty sure I was in class on Thursday for two and a half weeks.  Friday was long too.  But I guess it was all good because Saturday . . . we taught our first lesson in Chinese!!!!

It was so cool.  As soon as we knocked on our investigaotrs door, it flew open and two college aged guys started yelling for us to come in. They were super nice and funny.  Pretty much golden investigators. Can’t ask for anything more.  We also had a member helping us teach, and we were the only ones that had one.  Well except our zone leaders, but they taught a real investigator (as in someone who hasn’t been baptized and honestly had questions about the Church).  So it was way good.  I’m really thankful that we had an investigator though.  Here’s why.

At one point, I said “Yesu Jidu shahaile.”  And the investigators were like “What?  Really?  That’s terrible!”  I thought I had said, Jesus Christ was killed, so I was like, “Yeah, it’s terrible.”  Turns out, I said, “Jesus killed a lot,” so the member had to jump in and tell them that I was wrong.  Then I caught my mistake and said, “Yesu Jidu bei shahile,” which is the correct form.  One word changes the entire meaning of the dang sentence.  But it all workled out.  We committed them to baptism at the end, something neither Elder Chung nor I had previously studied.  Let me testify really quick of the gift of tongues. It’s real!!!  They asked what baptism was and I was able to explain that it was a priesthood ordinance that is a key to our salvation, and a huge step in the right direction.  I shouldn’t have been able to say most of what I did.  I’d never studied it, but the Lord provides, even in fake investigator situations.

Let’s end with a funny story.  Friday night, President Baker (our Branch President) was making his normal walk through of the dorm. I noticed him standing in a door way and walked behind him, drinking from my water bottle.  He turned around and said “Already hittin’ the bottle?”  At this point, I just kind of assumed that he was making an off handed alcohol reference.  I mean, how else can you take that?  So I replied, “Yeah, it’s been a long day,” and took another drink.  I’ve since come to realize that he wasn’t referring to alcohol, and now he might think that I have a drinking problem.  Great.  But man, it was so funny when it actually happened.

So tell me all about Girl’s Camp when you get back.  Dad and Sam, tell me about the Jambo (“Jam-bo, hell-o, it’s the World Scout Jam-bor-e-e!) and have someone write me while you’re all removed from computers!  I’m gonna print out some pictures and send them home this week I think.  Hopefully you like them!  Love you guys, keep me posted about home.  Also, anything funny that has happened since I left.  Wo feicheng ai nimen!

Mu Zhanglao


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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