10th letter from MTC

July 5, 2010

Qin ai de jaiting:

Buhao yisi, yinwei wo bujin yige xinxi.   Actually, I think that xinxi can’t be used in that context.  It means message, but more of a spoken message, or spiritual message.   Not really a letter.  Anyway, sorry that it’s taken so long to write.

Dad, Oh my goodness.   I can barely fathom the amount of thought that went into writing me that letter.  You had to spend at least a half hour on Wikipedia, then even more time piecing it together with the information I’ve given you.  In short, I’m blown away. Dumbfounded by your genius.  You just need to write a book about it now.   Well that or send a sketch to SNL.

I’m gonna try to write this next part like you would.  Thanks for the cool story/study on light and the power of God.  You know how much I love that stuff.  Keep sending it!

Anyway how’re things on the home front?   How’s the stake doing?  Oh, I saw Elder Abbot on Saturday night.   You should hear how much he and the rest of the youth in the stake revere you.  You’re an awesome example to them.

Also, keep me updated on the iPhone 4 and the iPad.  I gotta know what’s going on!

It’s weird how different my high school experience was compared to the kids here.   Most of them didn’t even know that it was possible for white kids to be a minority.   Plus they think that my accent is good.  (Compared to Mary, I’ve got nothing)

Wo ai ni Mu Chancu ( I do know the tones on that) Also, Mu actually means “wood.”  So in essence, you’re “toad wood.”

Momma — how’s the homefront?   Most of what happened here I’ve already written, so I don’t quite know what to say…

Sam is at EFY?!?!   False, he isn’t old enough.   I don’t care how tall he is either.   Also, doesn’t he have to be at a dance and DANCE?!   Hopefully you or Mary taught the poor little guy.  Also watch out for him with girls.  He’s a lot smoother than I was.   Plus he’s ridiculously good looking.  And a sport star — bad news Mama.  Haha it’s funny that he told you to read JSH.  It’s great.  He’s maturing!   You should start reading Ether with the Fam.   It’s my favorite book, especially chapters 1-6.

Way to go Uncle James.  That’s awesome how far he’s come.   Davis too.   It’s too late to tell him now, but he better have had fun.   Philmont is still one of the coolest things I’ve done. I love you Mamma Dee!

We had the coolest experience.   As I’ve told you before, we have a “progressing investigator” who is actually just another member of our zone, but he’s always in character around us.  Our investigator is Elder Park.   He’s from Korea and his English isn’t that good, so the first two lessons we gave were a little rough.   The one we just gave though was INCREDIBLE.   It was the Plan of Salvation lesson.   While we were teaching the Atonement, I felt impressed to invite him to be baptized.  He declined.   Then we bore testimony and invited him again.   He declined.   The we finished teaching the Atonement, and again felt impressed to invite him to baptism.   After a short testimony on both our parts, he accepted!  I just got my first baptism commitment!  Oh it was awesome.   The Spirit was so strong.  I can’t get over how incredible that was!  Ahhh!

I love you guys so so much.   I was reading in D&C today and I came across a scripture that says the Lord blesses families of missionaries.   I can’t remember exactly where because these scriptures are in the classroom.   I know that I don’t need to worry about you and you don’t need to worry about me.

All of our older districts leave Tuesday, so we’ll be the “older districts” pretty soon here. Dad, I am STILL cracking up at that letter.  You’re a genius.   Mom, I have a challenge for you: No more crying about me.  Rely on the Lord and you can do it.



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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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