5th e-mail from MTC

July 5, 2010

Matrix at the MTC

Holy cow.  You asked a lot of questions.

1.  How often do you wear your suit?

  • I wear my suit every Tuesday and Sunday (for devotionals and firesides and sacrament).

2.  Do you have a way to send your suit to the dry cleaners?

  • There’s a dry cleaners here, so yes.

3.  Have you lost or gained weight?  (You looked skinny in the pictures you sent.)

  • Lost about 3 pounds, so not much change.

4.  Have you taken many pictures and, if so, when are you going to send home your SD card?

  • I have a bunch of pics.  I’ll send home the SD card when it fills up.

5.  How did you print the pictures that you sent home?

  • We have a printer in the bookstore.

6.  How have your organized your room?

  • Organized?  Nope.

7.  What does your room look like?

  • I’ll send a pic.

8.  DId you take the things out of the baggies?

  • I left most of the stuff in bags, but everything has been used at some point or another.

9.  Do you use all the stuff we got you?

  • See above.

10.  How is your alarm working?

  • [Dee, did you really ask this question?]  Alarm is great.

11. Do you listen to music?

  • We aren’t allowed to listen to any music while we’re here.  Bummer, right?

12.  Do you like the articles and talks I send you?

  • I love the articles and talks.

13.  Did you get your two packages last week?

  • Yep, I got my packages.

14.  Did the shoe inserts work?

  • Actually haven’t used the inserts; I walked the bump in my shoe out.

15.  Do you give discussions in complete Chinese or do you have to use English?

  • No, we don’t become fluent here, just “MTC fluent.”  We become fluent in the field.

16.  Do the elders who speak Chinese in Singapore become fluent?

  • Elders called to speak Chinese become fluent no matter where they serve.

17.  Have you learned much about Singapore, like where you will serve, how many Chinese wards, stuff like that?

  • [No response.]

18.  How are your P.E. clothes working?

  • P.E. clothes are great.

19.  Are you getting all our DearElder letters? (We’ve sent at least 25.)

  • I’ve received about that many DearElders, so yeah.

20.  Do you go outside very often? (You need your vitamin D.)

  • I go outside . . . about once a week, but we study outside most mornings.

Ok!  Holy wowzers.  That was like a lightning round.  So here’s what has happened this week.  At least I think it was this week, they all kinda blur together.  A bunch of my friends are here now, mostly from BYU.  Elders Macdonald, Swayze, Johnson, Mackay, and a few others.  Elder Wilkey also got here this week (he’s the Warburton’s cousin), so it’s cool to see him.  He’s going NYC Spanish speaking.  I also saw Paul Moffat’s nephew and said hi. He’s going Baltic Russian speaking.  Also, Roland gets her Wednesday!  That’s gonna be so cool.  Miss him and Mark and Zac.

In this week’s “Chung’s funny habbits…”  He’s started bringing ear plugs and wearing them in personal study, then promptly falling asleep.  Most days anway.  What a goof.  Have I told you that he says, “Thank Fuzzy” every time something good happens?  Still don’t know what that’s about.  Love him though.  What else has he done…  Well I wake him up every morning about 10 minutes before we leave.  He didn’t bring an alarm clock.  Like I said, what a goof.

Whinham has been up to his same old self.  He still does that stare down thing when he talks to you.  And I can’t convey how creepy it is.  It’s like he’s looking at your soul.  Then his right Gollum-ish eye starts to twitch…  I can’t handle it.  I actually wrote a litte “screen play” in the letter I’m sending today.  You should all like it.  Hopefully Mary will put it on my bloggy thing.  (I actually didn’t even know I had one till last Monday, so that was a cool surprise.)

Can you believe I’ve already been here a month?!?!  That’s so crazy.  Well, ok, not a full month yet, but in two days I’ll have been here a month.  That’s so weird.

Sunday is my favorite day here.  It’s so relaxed and we can just study and chill.  Then sacrament…  I love it.  So much.  Our Branch President picks two random peoplem out of the ward to go talk each week, so every one has to prepare a talk.  That’s always nerve racking, but cool at the same time.

So as you know, yesterday was Fast Sunday.  And here at the MTC, fasting isn’t a choice. It’s a requirement.  No food till 6:00 p.m., at all.  No vending machines, no water, nothing.  The MTC is a lot like a spiritual boot camp. But I love it.

So, yesterday, the elders in our district who have been here the longest were bearing testimony in Chinese, and I got up and decided I’d give it a try.  Let me tell you, the gift of tongues…  It’s real.  I didn’t say anything I hadn’t studied, but the words just kinda flowed.  It was almost too easy, and incredible.  My tones were right on; I had great accent, and perfect grammar structure. It was so cool.

Ok…  How did this suddenly change to italics… Wow I hate these computers.

That’s about all for this week.  I got a letter from Zac and Mckenzie, those were fun to read.  Oh yeah, I’ve been taking a little bit of video on my camera to introduce you to my district and stuff.  You’ll like it.  Well, that’s all for this week everyone!
The Church is true.  Tell your friends.

Mú Zhǎnglǎo

P.S. I had squid jerky last night (of course from Elder Chung) and it wasn’t too bad.  An interesting flavor to say the least.  Love you all!

Keep writing me.


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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One Response to 5th e-mail from MTC

  1. Patti Edgel says:

    I’m so glad that there is mom out there like I was with my 1st missionary. So funny, all those ?s. But they are necessary to make a moms heart happy. Thanks for sharing.

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