7th letter from MTC


June 26, 2010

Todd, Dee, Mary, Sam, Emilee, Benny & Otto:

Herro!  Guess what?  I just finished teaching in the TRC for the second time!  (TRC – Teaching Resource Center.)  It went really well, but didn’t start off that way.  You see, this morning at breakfast we had some nasty English-muffin-ham-sandwich things.  Elder Chung got up and, when he came back, he was smothering his sandwich in mayonnaise.  And I mean really smothering.  It was disgusting, and I told him so, which offended him.  He still spins through doors, frequently sings in a falsetto voice, breathes primarily through his mouth, and eats constantly.

Anyway, so he was mad at me, and the Spirit can’t dwell with contention, so it started out rough.  But once we got into it, contention left, and the Spirit directed us.  We just taught another elder from our zone, but he asked some different questions that really kept me on my toes.

Last night we had a special devotional, and eight of the 12 apostles were here: Elders Holland, Anderson, Christopherson, Cook, Nelson, Scott, Bednar and Oaks!  Elder Oaks spoke to us on why the Church is different from all others and gave three reasons:

1.     Fullness of His doctrine;

2.    Power of His priesthood; and

3.    Unique testimony of Jesus Christ.

It was an awesome talk, and he really went deep into the doctrine, which I love learning about.  Elder Oaks is incredibly intelligent, and it definitely showed in the way he spoke.  Plus, I didn’t doze off once!  Now that’s improvement.

Study time!

So now it’s Sunday, and we just had our usual, gross Sunday breakfast consisting of cereal and skim milk because they always run out of regular milk, always.

Since I’m venting, one of the elders in my district said yesterday that he wanted something to carry things around with because his pockets were too small.  I suggested a backpack, which he already has.  He said it was too big.  So I was like, “What a purse?”  He said, “Well, I call it a man bag…”  I said, “I call it a purse…”

Well, the mission presidents finally left, so they opened the other half of the cafeteria again.  First time in a week I haven’t had to wait for someone to leave so I could sit down.  Plus, we got their awesome leftovers!  Pork loin and white rice.  It was amazing.  Well, we have another fireside in an hour.  I’ll write about it when it’s over.

Ok.  This is funny.  I’m waiting for the fireside to start, and they have a little slideshow on repeat, giving us instructions on handling various situations in the mission field.  It’s always the same, but I just noticed something on one of the bullet points.  It says, “In dire circumstances, you and your companion may leave quietly and unobtrusively.”  What kind of “dire circumstances” am I possibly going to run into?  And if the circumstance is dire, I won’t be leaving quietly or unobtrusively.  I’ll be screaming and running!

Another I learned.  You know in the movie Gremlins where that kid is first getting Gizmo in that little shop?  Well, the owner calls Gizmo, “Mogwai.”  Well, in Chinese, Mógwuĭ (pronounced the same way) is the word for “devil”.   So he’s calling Gizmo “the devil.”  Funny, funny.

Ooh, ooh.  And in Kung Fu Panda, the turtle is Master Oogway.  Ougui means “turtle so he’s “Master Turtle.” And Master Shifu?  Shìfú means “master”.  So, he’s “Master Master.”  Sweet.

Ok, so now it’s Monday morning.  The fireside last night was awesome.  Someone from the Missionary Department introduced Mormon.org 4.0, which launches July 7th.  He also introduced a set of DVDs called The District 2.  The new Mormon.org is very cool.  It’s got a thing where it let’s you make a profile.  On the profile you put your name, what you do and your testimony.  Investigators on the site can then access all of the accounts.  Very cool!  They’re expecting 100,000 profiles in the first week, so make sure you each make one!

The District 2 is the documentary that follows a district of missionaries in San Diego.  In fact, that’s exactly what it is.  It shows real lessons and real investigators, and it’s very cool.

I get to e-mail you today!  I’ll try to make it good, k?

I started to miss you guys a lot last night.  I miss playing with Emi.  I miss wrestling Sam.  I miss hanging out and talking to Mary.  I miss to everything with Mom.  And I miss being around Dad and studying with him.  But I know I’m here for the Lord.  So I said a prayer and was immediately comforted.  The power of pray is truly amazing!  I mean really, the ability to personally speak with a supreme being?  It’s amazing and, because I know he loves us, I know he listens.

So right now my companion has in purple earplugs during personal study, and he’s sleeping.  Now that’s commitment.  Truly, we are very different, but he’s my companion and we teach well together so I love him.

Here’s a jumble of responses because I haven’t received a letter since Wednesday.  Yes, I got my package, and I flippin’ love it.  That book is amazing.  All of the other elders are way jealous.  My glasses are sweet.  How did they come pre-fit?  Cool beans however you did it.  And to Mary, you’re gonna give me a big head with all of your “You’re so loved?” and “perfect husband” business.  But thanks.  ;)   (He’s supposed to be winking.)  I’m sending pictures with this letter.  Hope you like them!

Love you SO MUCH!

Elder Johnson Moody


Mú Zhănglăo


(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)


About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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