6th letter from MTC

"How I feel on days I get mail (like both of them)."

June 24, 2010


I’m writing to you on that stationery Momma got me!  So did you like my little doodle?  It was fun drawing it.

So, today was super productive.  We studied a lot, and got a lot done.

Some fun things that elder in my district has been doing:

1.     When he tells a story, even one that should only take three minutes, it turns into a verbal novel.  At this point, I honestly tell him that I’ve lost interest in what he’s saying, and I leave.  This happens easily three times a day.

2.    If I ever start singing anything, he will jump in with me within three seconds, and continue after I stop.  I feel like Jim when he trained Dwight to want an Altoid every time he hears a computer starting up.

3.    His first and middle name is Jesse James.  If that fit him any worse . . .  It’d be like Frodo Baggins naming his short-for-a-Hobbit son “Jesse James” in the hopes that he grows up to be a Wild West outlaw.

Today was good.  Really good.  If you can’t tell, it was really good.  Oh!  How come as soon as I leave, the family gets famous?  Bù hăo.  But I guess I can forgive you.

I had my weekly interview with Qían Lăoshī today, and it couldn’t have gone better.  He started by telling me that Elder Chung and I are great teachers.  In fact, we’re ahead of the rest of our district.

You see, we do this thing where we watch a video from this site called Six Billion Others.  Then, we have 10 minutes to plan a lesson.  Then Qían Lăoshī role plays the person we just watched and we teach him.  I thought we weren’t very good at first because he only gave us things we could improve on, but I found out in the interview that he struggles with that.  He only says what we can improve on because he things the good things should be already happening.

Anyway, he then went on to tell me that he feels like the class is slowing me and Elder Chung down and invited us to spend some tutor time with him so we can improve more quickly.  Then he told me that he could tell I really loved my district members because I brought up a concern about someone in our district.  I’ve decided Qían Lăoshī really loves us; he just expects a lot, which is a good thing.

Since all the mission presidents are here this week, there are some elders from the upper ranks here.  Today, Russell M. Nelson was wandering around campus and dropping by classes to check on missionaries.  Sadly, we never saw him.

Ok, so now it’s Friday, the 25th.  Today is weird because we have a special fireside.  I thing President Uchtdorf will be here.  (I’ll let you know on Monday.)

I’ve come up with another way to describe an elder in our district.  It may be because he’s infuriating me this morning.  Imagine Gollum with a little more hair, and there you go.  He looks just like Gollum.

Also, Chung, Yee and Whinham are talking about Avatar right now.  Not the cool movie, but the Nickelodeon TV show.  Through this conversation, I’ve learned where Chung came up with those weird hand movements he does.  He’s – and I quote – “earth bending.”  It’s flippin’ weird.  So much for personal study today.  They are still talking about it!  It’s been 20 minutes.  How old are we?  Oh, that’s right, 10.  We’re 10-years old.  If you can’t tell, I’m a bit upset at the lack of focus.  But whatever.

Also, we recently heard from Elder Bednar.  He talked about becoming fully committed to our missions.  He said that if a missionary can get back to normal after a week, he didn’t serve well.  So I’m going to apologize in advance for being weird for more than a week.

We had another kaibaibo tournament last night.  Elder Lee was finally dethroned by the new champ, Elder Wyatt!  Did I tell you that Elder Lee got a champ belt?  It’s just a white belt, but the champ of the week gets to write a short quote on it.  It’s pretty funny.

This week our new hobby was pretty fun.  Mainly, we took to deliberately mishearing people.  So if someone said something like “You’re an idiot,” we’d say “Wait, you aren’t into what?”  So it’s like we heard “I’m not into it.”  That was actually very fun because it became impossible to insult me.  Today’s hobby is answering any stupid question (or a question we don’t know the answer to) with “When in Rome . . .”  Or in Chinese, rùxīang suísú.”  People have no idea how to reply, ever.

Why is it that you all waited until I left to get famous?  Rude.  I just had to stop one of the elders in our district mid-story because I got so incredibly bored.  I’ll write you all tomorrow, but you won’t get it till Thursday probably.  I love you guys!  Tell all the chillens and family I said hi.


Elder Mù


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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