2nd e-mail from MTC

June 21, 2010

Hey everyone!

Oh yeah, I had two field trips this week! On Tuesday Elder Chung had an orthodontist app’t so we got out of a Large Group Meeting to go to it. Turns out Andrew Tadd had a knee app’t at the same time, so I got to hangout with him for about 20 minutes. I see him every now and then. Then on Wednesday all the Taiwanese elders had to get x-rays so we walked to the BYU Health Clinic. Connor [Patterson] is in the same building as me, and we have the same gym time so I see him a lot. Tuesday night we had a devotional, and it was really hot, and I don’t do well when it’s that warm. I kept catching myself from dozing off, and I was doing really well… Then at some point, I must have just lost it, because the next thing I knew, my forehead was killing me. I had drifted off, and in doing so, my head snapped forward, hitting the back of the chair in front of me. I didn’t fall asleep again after that.

I think for our devotional tomorrow we have an apostle. All of the new mission presidents and their wives come in tomorrow, so the First Presidency will be on campus most of the next week and a half.

Here are some more funny stories: There’s an elder in our zone that has been here for longer than us, about 8 weeks. He told us the story about and elder he described as “spiritually high.” So I guess in a meeting, the speaker asked if anyone else had anything to add before they closed. This “spiritually high” elder raised his hand and said, “Jesus the Christ.” The guy conducting the meeting was just like, “Yep. He’s right. Anyone else?” It sounded way funny because the kid was so off-topic; they were talking aout getting investigators to sacrament meeting.

Saturday morning we went to that TA for the first time. (I have no idea what “TA” stands for.) Anyway, we knocked on doors and contacted natives in Chinese so that we could set up a future app’t and that went really well. I couldn’t understand most of what the lady we contaced said, but thankfully Chung was there to back me up. So after we set up an app’t we had 10 minutes to prepare a lesson. Then we taught it, in English. It was an amazing experience. We could really feel the Spirit guiding the lesson and I was never at a loss of what to say or how to answer a question. I felt the Spirit strongest when I started reading the First Vision. That was great.

Life is going well here, but I just want to get to Singapore already.

Oh! Let me tell you about the showers. You know how much I love morning showers right? Well not anymore. There are only four showers for about 20 elders. Two of them don’t have shower heads, one of them doesn’t have hot water, and two don’t have water pressure. So really there’s only one decent shower to use. Fun, fun, fun.

To close, WRITE ME LETTERS! I don’t care how many you write; I will always love getting them. I love you all a lot. I love you dad. I love you mom. I love you Mary. I love you Sam. And I love you Emi. Talk to you next Monday!


Mú Zhǎnglǎo

P.S. We have a special fireside Friday, and I think someone from the First Presidency will be there!


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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