4th letter from MTC

June 18, 2010

Qīn’aì de jiātíng (dear family):

These past few days have been great.  I’ve found that being patient with those around me is getting a lot easier.  However, one of them was up coughing all night and everyone in our room got about three hours of sleep.  So in the morning I told him to stay in bed.  He wouldn’t listen to me so we went to get the zone leaders to talk to him, which made us about five minutes late for class.  The other elders told Qíon Loshī we’d be a little late, so we thought we were okay.  When we got there he totally planched us.  (“Planched” is the word we use to mean “given a good, public reprimand or scorn”).  I just stared at him the whole time with what I’m sure was a look of pure disdain.  Then at the end of class, he said, “Hey, I didn’t get eight hours of sleep either.  Hahahaha.”  I had to stop myself from saying, “You have no idea what you’re talking about!”  Thankfully, I was able to.

Elder Chung and I have some punctuality issues.  And when I say “Elder Chung and I,” I mean Elder Chung has some punctuality issues.  Today he fell asleep during his morning prayers, so I didn’t know if he was receiving revelation or if he’d fallen asleep.  Turned out to be the latter.  Also, we had a district kaibaibo tournament last night.  It was Lee and Mutton in the finals.  And it was double elimination so Lee had to be Mutton twice in a row (which he totally did).

You probably won’t get this letter until Monday or even Tuesday.  I apologize for the mail system.  We found out last night that the sick elder has pneumonia, but I honestly could have told you that.  He’s bedridden the next few days or so and his companion has to stay with him.

His companion is a funny guy.  Apparently, he’s like a Kung Fu master or something.  Every time I see him, he’s doing some kind of ninja move.  It’s so funny to watch; you have no idea.  I have to stop myself from laughing every time.

Today we’re teaching our first “investigator”.  We go to this building, knock on doors, and contact in Chinese.  Then we have 10 minutes to come up with a lesson plan.  And then we teach them.  I put “investigator” in quotes because they’re actually teachers here, most of them anyway.

Have I mentioned that Elder Chung has hypoglycemia?  It means he has to eat a lot or he’ll pass out.  So he eats all the time!  Mary would have a heart attack.  In fact, he’s eating an Altoid right next to me right now and I think the Altoid is fighting its way out of his mouth.  Sounds like a war in there.

Mom, everyone gets mail so we’re good.  And I don’t know what they would all want in a care package.  Your choice!  You’re too nice.  :)

Mary, if you get a job, I’ll be very impressed.  You’re growing up!  Haha.  Seriously though, you’ll do amazing, I’m sure.  Aren’t Dad’s connections sweet?  Bù shūo Emilee.

Last night for MDT, me and Chung (Chung and I) went out contacting in Chinese.  When we found some missionaries, one of us would speak and contact in Chinese, and the other would translate.  (Oh my gosh; he’s still making so much noise!)

Here are some other quirks about Chung.  He spins when he goes through doors.  Every time.  Reason unknown.  Also, he dances with his hands all the time.  There’s really no other way to describe it.  He does it while he’s talking to people, walking, or anything else.  He also sings all the time, in a purely Asian falsetto voice.  He gets offended if I laugh, so I don’t.  He’s a great missionary, though.

Elders Moody & Patterson

Hey, would someone let Roland know that my Chinese name means “wood”?  So, I’ll be known in Singapore as Elder Wood.  Mú means “wood” in Chinese.  He gets here in two weeks, right?  I think he does.  He and I will leave at the same time.  I’ll also be here when Mark comes, but I leave the — no, wait — I’ll be here when Elliott comes too.  Elliott will definitely be in the same building as me.  All the Mexican elders are.  Connor is on the floor below me, so I see him all the time.

Sam, that hike sounds grueling.  But way to step it up and help out your troop!  You the man!  Why is it that you only nuke when I’m not there?  Weak sauce.

Emilee, that sounds like a really funny story.  I’m sorry I had to miss it.  You keep on being awesome, little one.  And write me more!  I love you.  :)

Dad, I loved your letter.  I still can’t thank you enough for everything.  And I really mean everything you’ve done to help me prepare for a mission.  (And everything Mom has done too.)  Elder Gillepsie just totally nodded himself awake.  Personal study is always good for that.  Dad, how did you find all the stories about your ancestors?  I can’t imagine there’s just a library of that stuff.  I want to keep that book going when you get bored of it.

I have a question for you.  I was reading in Moses 6 and it gives the genealogy of the First Dispensation.  Why did those Patriarchs live so long?  And do we know when Noah or any of his sons died?

Everyone in this room but me is now asleep.  That’s different, right?  Usually, it would just be me.  Elder Chung even has his earplugs in.  Mutton is “reading scriptures.”  And Gillespie is “studying PMG.”  I have an awesome district.  Seriously, though, I love them all!

I miss you guys.  Hopefully, I’ll be in Singapore soon!

Love you all.

Elder Johnson Moody

“A Longing to Serve”

P.S.  I see Andrew Tadd a lot.  He hurt his knee so he had to stay for an extra month or so.  Poor guy.  But hopefully he leaves soon.  The MTC is rough.  I want out!  Actually, I don’t.  It’s really helpful.  Love you all!


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Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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