3rd letter from MTC

June 16, 2010

Dear Famry,

I loved getting all those letters.  Honestly have everyone write as much as they can.  Today was, well ended up being, really good.  Elder Whinham was up all night coughing, and since he’s on the bunk above me, I only got about five hours of sleep.  Me and Elder Chung ended up sleeping through gym this morning.  It isn’t every morning — gym I mean — it changes everyday.  Tomorrow it’s at 6:45 pm.

Also in today’s events: I went on a field trip with the Taiwanese Elders to get their x-rays taken for visas.  Needlessy indented (bùhăo yīsì).  I kinda just sat in the room but it was still a fun break.  Here’s another funny story involving one of our roommates.  I don’t know why, but he just seems to do funny stuff without meaning to.  So we were in class, and, as usual, he was blathering on about something.  At this point, most of our district has learned to just tune him out because all he does is complain or try to one-up us.  He could have his own SNL skit.

Anyway, he was talking, and all any of us hear was “I’m an RM, people will finally date me.”  So we immediately burst into laughter.  Including women de laoshi.  (Ask Mary.  I’ll teach you guys some Chinese that way.)  He actually got offended!  Apparently he was stating reasons people want to be missionaries or something, but we thought he was talking about himself!

So I’m kind of becoming a pseudo-district leader.  I’m not actually, in title, but people still listen to me like I am.  My district has also decided that I can have one of two jobs as a career:  a newscaster, or high school teacher.  No idea either of those came from.

Now for some responses:


  • I absolutely loved your letter.  It made me laugh pretty hard.  That list of 101 things to do this summer sounds awesome.  But I’d suggest adding a “that guy” night.  Go down to the strip, and try to be in the background of every picture possible.  Also, no, that didn’t look like a pig.  Also, the word also never sounds repetitive.  Also, I love you a lot.  Write me everyday.  Or week.  Or whatever.


  • I know you haven’t forgotten me.  I love you a lot.  Can’t wait for you letter.


  • Stephanie Meyer has a new book?  I don’t really remember who Bree is… Hopefully it’s better than Breaking Dawn though.  That was a flop and a half.  Keep writing me!

Nika and McKenna:

  • You’re STILL in school???  That’s ridiculous.  I got out of school back in April, so you’re way behind.  But now it’s like I’m back so I feel your pain.  Here’s a good thing to say next time you don’t want to go to class.  Wo bu yao             qu xuexi.  You can ask Mary how to pronounce it.  Keep writing me!

Grandpa Moody:

  • Sounds like you’re enjoying being a cop.  But I have one bit of advice: Demand a raise!  Why do for free what people will pay you for right?  The dogs sound good.  Hopefully I won’t be eating any of their relatives in Singapore… I’m jealous that my family gets to see Kris and Troy.  I haven’t seen them in forever.  Please tell Grandma to feel better.  Headaches are the worst thing ever.

That concludes responses.  Mom, would you mind letting everyone know what I said?  I’m going to start using my email time to send general emails concerning recent events and my week.  So if you could start forwarding my emails to everyone that’d be great.

I’ve found through my teaching that I’m much better at teaching doctrine than I am at just bearing my testimony and getting people to listen.  I feel like I can connect more when I teach doctrine.  Speaking of doctrine, could you have dad send the diagrams he drew when we were studying together?  I loved doing that with him.  I just wish I would have gotten more done.

Just like at BYU, my district has discovered that I have an extremely beautiful sister.  I swear I’ll never hear the end of it.  Mary, stop being so pretty!  When I say this morning, I mean June 17th.  Yeah, this letter is the product of several days of work.  Mom, here’s my next Facebook status update:

Attention Johnson’s friends, he wants letters!  Write him.  He’ll love it.

And then you can put my address there.  Keep writing me Momma!  I miss you and love you a lot.

Sam, dang it.  Write to me!  I mean come on hosehead.  It’s not like you have anything to do this summer right?  Kidding kidding.  Keep being awesome man.

And finally, Emilee.  You know how I tease you about being weird?  Well don’t stop.  I love that about you.  You’re funny and smart and I just love you.  Just stop being so shy, k?  Being outgoing is more fun.  I promise.

Love you all,



About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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